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21 December, 2003


  • MeRrY ChRiStMaS!!!! (Floggin' the Yule Log - Vol. II)
  • Current Issue of Guitar One on Newsstands!
  • More AUDIO UPLOAD Additions!
  • DALEBOOTS Updated!
  • Syndicated ARTICLES section debuts!
  • More LINKS added!
  • The First INTIMATE AUDIO CD on its way!

MeRrY ChRiStMaS!!!

MeRrY ChRiStMaS!

Reckon it's that time of year again—and the annual Floggin' the Yule Log tradition continues!

Like last year, the princess of the ol' posse (Jenschka) and I improvised/arranged a handful of Christmas classics as fast as possible, cuttin' 'em straight to my Mac for maximum cringe factor! This time we pulled out (almost) all the stops!! Among other things, this crazy new collection includes our first Christmas original (destined to be a non-secular standard), "Jesus: Son of Mary, Son of God!" All totaled (including last year's Volume I), we now got:

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer NEW!
Little Drummer Boy
Jingle Bells

Up On the Housetop

Happy Birthday Jesus!

White Christmas

Hark the Herald Angels Sing
Jesus: Son of Mary, Son of God!
Carol of the Bells NEW!
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

For full details, please peruse our increasingly infamous X-Mas page:

Current Issue of Guitar One (February 2004) on Newsstands!:
(The following Features/Departments/Columns written by Dale Turner)


Over the past month or so, a fairly decent amount of music-making wunderkinds have uploaded their precious MP3s in AUDIO UPLOAD land :) Believe it or not, this site now houses the music of OVER 70 different self-produced artists!! Who knows? Maybe more indie oddballs will find their way over here, now that just died :( (Now, if I could just find a way to maintain a static link to my briefcase. Any hints??) Anyways... Take in an earful of the tasty tunes (mostly in the "singer-songwriter" category), and read a few samples of "listener feedback" folks have provided some of them. More people can always post comments, y'know!!!


BARRY AND ANNIE "Sweee-eet! (That's a two syllable word) Hey you guys! I listened to your song and I thought it was way cool! I'll have to go and check out your website now that you got me curiousity up!"

DIEDRICH WEISS "This has got a nice, earthy vibe to it. I dig the way the harmonica and other instruments are used in alternation—added/removed at various points—to embellish the track. Definitely offsets the repeating bassline well. AND this guy's voice is REALLY great, I think. Very nice. Please earball, at your earliest convenience. (Note: The MP3 is pretty lo-fi, so it'll load speedy.)"

TOM KERSWILL "I dig the vibe of this tune—the raw melancholy of it. Very nice lyrics too! And nice acoustic pickin' Check this out!"

ANTHONY McNEAL "Very nice acoustic guitar tone (and chords), and nice voice too!"

MIKE LASALA (Singer-Songwriter)


DAVID GRAY "Man, I like this track! It has an atmospheric quality, reminiscent of the instrumental portions of Jeff Buckley's 'Dream Brother,' at least to my ears. I really like this kind of 'vibe-y' instrumental guitar composition. Check it out!"



Please do all these remarkable artists (and the 70+ others) the favor of letting them know what you think of their tunes by blasting them with FEEDBACK on this site's message board. Thanks a lot!!

RECORDINGS (Dale Boots):

Two months ago, the day it was announced that the great Elliott Smith had committed suicide (October 22, 2003), I perfomed "Moodswing Whiskey" (a Jeff Buckley song) as a tribute at a small performance at Los Angeles City College. Since this whole site is about "Intimate Audio," I figured I'd share... Cruise to the DALEBOOTS page for more information (and an MP3 of me "losing it" a little in my spoken intro).

Syndicated ARTICLES section debuts!:

Feel the need to read? Urine luck! I've just added a new section to this site entitled ARTICLES. There, you'll find an ever-growing collection of syndicated musician articles, including songwriting tutorials, music promotion tips, home recording 'how to,' and more! (Courtesy of MusicDish Network) This section will always be added to (without being announced), so please check back if you dig this kind of stuff :)


Over this past month, I've added a ZILLION links to this site's LINKS page. All of the newbies are confined to these three pages:


The First INTIMATE AUDIO CD on its Way!

Last, but definitely not least, I figured I'd mention that in early January 2004, the first official INTIMATE AUDIO CD, entitled Interpretations, will be made available! This 10 song disc consists of intimate recordings of solo arrangements for acoustic guitar and voice—songs ranging from Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" (the entire thing) and the Beach Boys' "God Only Knows," to Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" and Jimi Hendrix's "Castles Made of Sand." (All songs used by permission, with mechanical licenses obtained.)

The performer?? Drum roll please...... ME!!!! :) There's some pretty different stuff on this, IMHO. (Here's a small taste.) The CD is dedicated to my mother, Jeff Buckley, and a few of my friends. More info will be posted shortly, but I just wanted to throw down a little "teaser" for ya! And, of course, inform you that INTIMATE AUDIO is now officially a li'l indie record label, of sorts :)

Anyways, thanks for continuing to direct your web browser to this neck of cyberspace, and for helping make this another great year for independent music. It is appreciated! :)

Have a safe and happy holiday, and inspired New Year!!

—Dale Turner


22 October, 2003

Late-Breaking news...

I just found out the great ELLIOTT SMITH—at the prime age of 34—is no longer with us, deceased from an apparent suicide on October 21, 2003. I cannot believe this. A MONSTER creative musician and huge inspiration to countless singer-songwriters (many people know of his work through the Good Will Hunting soundtrack), this loss cannot be measured. I'm deeply saddened...

God DAMN it. Though I've known his work since around 1998, I feel like I just really got into a him. If his source of depression...or whichever drove him towards this end...was in any way industry-related, or anything of that sort, I'm going to be very upset. I pray he knew how appreciated he was... This is completely unfair...

Elliott Smith
Photo: Dreamworks

Rest in peace, you gentle genius... I miss you, and I don't know you at all... All your fans sure would've loved to have gotten to know you better—in any capacity... I hope you had some idea of that. There are a LOT of people with tears in their eyes right now...





20 October, 2003


  • Current Issue of Guitar One on Newsstands!!
  • PsYcHo LiCkS Updated!
  • John Frusciante Mini-Tribute!
  • More AUDIO UPLOAD Additions!
  • More LINKS added!
  • Total Site Redesign!

Current Issue of Guitar One (December 2003) on Newsstands!!:
(The following Features/Departments/Columns written by Dale Turner)

Well, I FINALLY got to write something fairly in-depth in a guitar magazine about Mr. Jeff Buckley! This piece appears in the form of a "mini lesson" on pages 21-22, written in response to a reader question, and addresses Jeff Buckley's tunings and favored approach towards chord voicings. Short, but sweet!

Also, for what it's worth, in this issue's "Virtuosos" Riff Box, I packed a lot of the text with quotes from past interviews I've conducted with Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen, and George Lynch. Most of these quotes have not appeared in-print before :)

And on the subject of virtuosos...(virtuosi??) It was an absolute pleasure getting to hang with one of my all-time favorite "shred" guys, Tony MacAlpine, for this issue's Now & Then installment! What a multi-instrumentalist badass!!! Check him out!!

Also, be sure to check out's UPLOAD artist and picking pal, Ken Snyder's killer ad on p. 22!!


I know, it's been tooooooo long since we had a new lesson happening 'round here (*sniffle*)... So how does yet another acoustic fingerstyle lesson, added to this site's PSYCHO LICKS lessons page, sound?

Due to the overwhelmingly positive response I got from last July's Travis Picking lesson, this time I've created an instructional piece about adding ornaments to open-position chords. Never again will you need to play the same old arpeggio patterns every time you use your fingers to pluck out open-position shapes like E, Em, A, Am, D, Dm, C, G, and B7! I could blather on about it, but I'll spare you! Just check it out, when you feel like pluckin' :)

Open Chord Ornaments: An Acoustic Fingerstyle Lesson

John Frusciante Mini-Tribute:

Okay, let me be clear about something right away! This "mini tribute" for one of my favorite guitar playing songwriters, John Frusciante, is not (yet) at the same scope of the Jeff Buckley and Brian Wilson tributes I've placed on this site. It's a different deal—essentially calling attention to the Guitar One John Frusciante Guitar-Style Lesson links I've had here for a while now (PDFs of the lesson, with MP3s), which a lot of people haven't noticed yet. I've totally re-done that mini lesson page to include some info about the three interviews I was fortunate enough to conduct with the man, as well as some other nuggets of knowledge. I'll also be adding more content to this tribute in the very near future! Until then, Froosh fans are encouraged to click HERE and enjoy :)


Looks like a few more cool songs have been uploaded to the ol' AUDIO UPLOAD page (as well as this site's REAL AUDIO STREAMING broadcast of indie tunes) over the past month! For starters, we got a really nice mood piece in the "ambient" vein, courtesy of Mantra Chord. In addition to that tasty track, a couple modern rockers—Michael Adam Pollack and a band called Rise—have also made their recent masterpieces available to our ears!

PLEEEEEEEASE do all these remarkable artists (and the 60+ others) the favor of letting them know what you think of their tunes by blasting them with FEEDBACK on this site's message board. Thanks a lot!!


Over this past month, I've added a ZILLION links to this site's LINKS page. All of the newbies are confined to these three pages:


Total Site Redesign!

Those of y'all who've found your way back to this neck of cyberspace in recent weeks (thank you!) have probably noticed the unthinkable: I totally redesigned this site! Now everybody's browser/screen resolution/window size should be happy, and navigation should be a little less confusing :) Hopefully y'all like what you see and hear 'round here! It's certainly been fun :) AND there's much more to come next month, so please stay tuned...

Thanks again for surfing back to!! And HaPpY HaLlOwEeN, in advance!!

—Dale "Ooga-Booga" Turner


27 September, 2003

photo: mark tucker
image source: The Shawn Lane Pages
(used with kind permission)

I've just been informed that Shawn Lane passed away Friday night (September 26, 2003) at the age of 40. Please visit The Shawn Lane Pages to post your condolences to his friends and family.

I've had the great fortune of experiencing hearing/seeing this phenomenal musician live, numerous times. I'm deeply saddened that none of us will ever have the opportunity to do so again. But his music—to say nothing of his great inspiration to the guitar community—will no doubt live on. I'd write more, but I think it's better if I just put some of his tunes on instead... He was the king of tasteful, blazing guitar.

The uninitiated are invited to CLICK HERE
(Hopefully no one objects to this...)

R.I.P., Maestro Lane


21 September, 2003


  • Current Issue of Guitar One on Newsstands!!
  • More AUDIO UPLOAD Additions!
  • More LINKS added!
  • WTF?! Am I Seeing... ADs???!!!

Current Issue of Guitar One (November 2003) on Newsstands!!:
(The following Features/Departments/Columns written by Dale Turner)

Alrighty... I'm gonna tell you flat out that this issue's Yngwie lesson RULES!!!! The whole freakin' thing focuses on linear patterns the monstrous Malmsteen uses to blaze along the neck (as opposed to across), moving up/down along a single string set for maximum shredding effect. There are a lot of things in this lesson that I've yet to see printed in any other... AND this is the third lesson I've conducted with him :) As usual, it was an honor. Contrary to the opinion of some, he's ALWAYS been an entertaining gentleman: Funny, and very informative. (Amazing what happens when he's interviewed by a person who respects him!) So... I reckon guitar freaks will flip over this. AND y'all MUST go see him, Vai, and Satch on this Fall's G3 tour. This will be the muther of all of 'em :)

I should also add that I had an absolute blast creating this issue's lesson on Rockabilly. This one's got loads of useful boogie patterns, double stop licks, chord voicings, single-note lines, and electric Travis Picking patterns to play. Enjoy!!


Over the past month or so, a CRAZY amount of music-making wunderkinds have uploaded their precious MP3s in AUDIO UPLOAD land! Take a gander at this ultra-eclectic collection (with a few samples of "listener feedback" I personally provided some of them). (Hint: More people can always post comments, y'know!!!)


SAMUEL SMITH (Singer-Songwriter)

JOHN McKEON & LYNN MONK (Singer-Songwriter)

STEVE DICKIE (Singer-Songwriter)


JEFF WILKEN "Okay. I know I've posted some comments flipping out over how great some of the youngsters are who've treated us to their tunes and phenomenal playing ability, as of late. Well.... This particular guy—who's a mere 15 years old—is in a whole 'nother category, I feel. (No offense to anyone here! Read on, you'll catch my drift...) Sure, the playing's great (on piano AND guitar). BUT... I've NEVER heard any 15-year old (let alone most 'adults') come up with a KILLER set of chord progressions like this. Sophisticatedly beautiful, emotionally wrenching, dark, different... Some art happening here. (The recording itself is relatively 'lo-fi.') What I'm talking about first occurs at the [1:23] minute mark (WAIT for it), with the entry of the primary vocal. Un-freaking-believable changes, 'specially for a young'un!! (No, I'm not liking them just because they're 'different,' or 'complicated,' or whatever. All I care about is the end result--the sound and reaction it stirs within the listener. ME, in this case!) This guy, who's also nice as heck (and smart...and funny!) in his e-mail correspondence to me, has some SICK potential, I feel. I can't wait to hear more! I hope he's getting encouragement from those around him. And I hope my blathering doesn't contribute to any head swelling!"



JONATHAN GRAHAM "Wow! Another great, young picker!! This cat's only 20... Listen to him blaze ever so tastefully in this tune's final moments. AND he's a tasty melodicist as well. (The song's opening chord voicings are nighty purty too!) Nice work!"

KOSTAS ALEXAKIS "Man, it's getting scary 'round here! This cat's got some great intervallic rock lines up his sleeve, pretty sickeningly cool legato chops, and has a great ballsy rock feel! Shred-heads (à la, fans of Petrucci and Satch) will definitely dig this dude! I'd certainly like to hear more 'tunes' from this young gun (he's 25), but this song is without question a great vehicle to display this player's prowess! Definitely lives up to the name 'High Octane.'"


JIMMY ROLAND "This is a cool, trippy, instrumental reggae track! Check out the crazy keyboard lines! Nice vibe to this jam :)"




LOGIK (Hip-Hop)

Please do all these remarkable artists (and the 50+ others) the favor of letting them know what you think of their tunes by blasting them with FEEDBACK on this site's message board. Thanks a lot!!


Over this past month, I've added a ZILLION links to this site's LINKS page. All of the newbies are confined to these three pages:


I should also point out that my super sweetie of all possible sweetie pies has just launched her new site in space du cyber: Jennifer (a.k.a. "Jenschka") is constantly breaking new ground as a vocalist, lyricist, songwriter, pianist, guitarist, and fine artist (from painting, drawing, and sculpture, to stained-glass and computer generated visuals—see her web site for samples). She's also recently ventured into web design! In that particular area, Jenschka will utilize her creative eye, attention to detail, and knack for organization to help others realize their own personal vision on the web! FYI, in addition to being a landscape enthusiast, Jenschka's also somewhat of an underground comic sensation—the other half of the "Buck and Mildred Hicks" musical duo responsible for last Winter's soon-to-be-classic Christmas MP3 EP, Floggin' the Yule Log! (Stay tuned for a second—and even more frightening—installment later this winter!) Jen's favorite quote? "Oh my God! That man just kissed his cataloupe!"

WTF?! Am I Seeing... ADs???!!!

Okidokee... Some of y'all have probably noticed I've been experimenting with placing selected "ads" (Egadz!!) on certain pages within This is all the result of some bloody useful stuff I've just finished reading, in a book which focuses on Internet Music Promotion. For what it's worth, ALL of the ads (except for one... a li'l "pop-under" ad) are 100% hand-picked by me because I feel they are ALL worth checking out. (I personally own, or was directly involved in creating, most of the things I'm bothering to "plug.") I just happen to now get an eensy weensy commission on some of the showcased items I'm listing :)

What am I talking about?? Well, just cruise on over to ANY one of the lessons pages within the 100% free PSYCHO LICKS guitar instruction section. Depending on the topic covered in that particular lesson, along the left side of that page I've selected TONS of useful instructional videos, books, and other small items that I feel are worthy ways to supplement the ol' learning experience. Meanwhile, at the bottom of most lessons pages, I've listed a bunch of recordings I feel are "essential listening" for that particular style. That means that a "jazz guitar lesson" will also list a bunch of useful jazz guitar instructional books, videos, and recordings; a "Hendrix-style" guitar lesson lists a bunch of his best TAB books, certain effects boxes, essential CDs; an "acoustic guitar" feature lesson might include links to check out capos, thumbpicks; my favorite acoustic strings (John Pearse!), etc.; a fire-breathing "shred lesson" will also include links to products from the "who's who" of the genre. You'll also find a bunch of links to guitar-specific music theory books, and other cool stuff. Just think of this as a bonus service. Obviously there's no obligation. But believe me, I definitely went the extra mile, spending a lot of time sorting out nothing but cool, useful geetar stuff :)

Meanwhile, here's a small sample of a great album I might plug somewhere:

One of My Top-10 Favorite Albums of All Time:

In addition, independent musicians participating in AUDIO UPLOAD will also note that I've placed a couple hopefully not-so-annoying small ads on the lower left-hand side of those pages. (Click HERE for a sample.) Right out of the gate, let me apologize for doing this without making any prior announcement!!!! (I should also let y'all know that this site is going to go under a fairly massive visual overhaul in the near future, so these little ads will be far less noticeable.) But let me say, the two li'l products I'm plugging are useful to indie musicians, otherwise there's no way in heck I'd bother slapping them up there :) Here are their links/banners, FYI:

The Indie Bible
Promote your music to the world!
Need Gigs? Join

For the record, let me also say that this site's 100% free content (the in-depth guitar lessons, a place to upload original music, etc.) will not be going anywhere!!! I'm just trying to take this 100% independent operation to the next level. It's comin'... :)

So... Thanks for taking the time to cruise back into this neck of cyberspace!! It is appreciated! :) And please let me know if these li'l ads cause any problems with your browser (or if they adversely impact your page load time). I'll do whatever I can to make this place a fun, interesting, useful hang :)

—Day Ool


22 July, 2003


  • Current Issue of Guitar One on Newsstands!!
  • Hard Rock Solos Book Released!!
  • PsYcHo LiCkS Updated!
  • More AUDIO UPLOAD Additions!
  • More LINKS added!
  • Syndicated INDIE NEWS column debuts!
  • Intimate Audio's Two-Year Anniversary!

Current Issue of Guitar One (September 2003) on Newsstands!!:
(The following Features/Departments/Columns written by Dale Turner)

Alrighty then! If you've been hankering for a handful of everlasting phrases, useful for unloading while jamming over blues, country, jazz, and rock styles, I think you'll get a lot out of this issue's Lesson Lab: 25 Licks You Must Know! I packed this puppy with timeless licks in the styles of prized pickers ranging from B.B. King, Albert King, Eric Clapton, and Stevie Ray Vaughan, to Albert Lee, Charlie Parker (okay... I know he's not a "picker"), Jimmy Page, and Gary Rossington (among a host of others). Fun, useful stuff, I reckon...

Also, given the fact that a couple people have recently e-mailed me (and posted on the ol' MESSAGE BOARD) with questions about how monster legatoist Allan Holdsworth plays some of his knuckle-busting chords, it's kinda nice that I got a chance to include some info on them in the Noise & Feedback section of this issue. Nice, colorful sounds applicable to a variety of styles (i.e., not just freakshow fusion). Check 'em out!

Meanwhile, fans of Styx and Damn Yankees will no doubt dig the read on this issue's last page—a nice "update" interview with legendary guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Tommy Shaw. What a multi-talented monster! And, of course, the coolest of cats :)

HARD ROCK SOLOS Book Released!:

Finally! Sometime last fall I completed an instructional book called Hard Rock Solos; it's just now hitting the rack! The cool thing about this book? In addition to full-length transcriptions of solos for 15 different revolutionary rockers (Tony Iommi, Edward Van Halen, Randy Rhoads, Warren DeMartini, Slash, Vito Bratta, Paul Gilbert, and more), I packed the book with loads of info about their gear, interesting historical facts, tons of technical details for playing their stuff, and many never-before-seen-in-print quotes from interviews I did with some of the players themselves! To learn more, please click on the book's image below:

Hard Rock Solos



Believe it or not, I finally updated this site's PSYCHO LICKS lesson page, after a couple months of down time! What do you guys/gals get this time around? How about the most in-depth lesson to be featured on this site so far! Given that a few people (via e-mail and the message board) have been hinting at acoustic fingerstyle topics lately, I figured it was high time to add a lesson that focuses on TRAVIS PICKING—a timeless fingerstyle technique (also commonly played with pick and fingers, or a thumbpick) named in honor of the legendary Merle Travis. How "in-depth" are we talkin'? All in all, we got an unprecedented NINETEEN FIGURES written in standard notation and TAB, accompanied by stereo MP3s (all 100% free)!!!! What's more, this is also this site's first lesson featuring acoustic guitar (recorded with an actual mic!), exclusively. But, instead of me babbling any more about it here, I reckon you should just check it out yerself. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised :)


Jeepers! For some odd reason, I reckon things have been getting a little risqué 'round here in AUDIO UPLOAD land!

Let's start by talking up the nutty nugget recently uploaded by none other than Dr. Geoffrey Holdstrom. (I'd type the title of the track here, but I'm a-scared! You'll just have to earball it yerself!) Kind of a Zappa-esque groovefest, with semi-erotic overtones... Or, perhaps you'd like to feast your ears on the music of a model (MIKI) who moonlights as a metalhead? (Miki's been playing geetar since the late '80s, and is a long-time student of pickin' pal Joy Basu's.)

Or maybe hip-hop/rap is more your thing? You're in luck! Sicc Wid It Rydas have just uploaded a new track, featuring some happening vocals in an R&B vein. Nice, lo-fi booty shakin'!

In addition, pioneering uploaders Michael Lombardo and Phillip Dresser have added a couple innovative new cuts, befitting of Intimate Audio's Avant-Rock category. Both these creative pickers have new, full-length CDs darned near ready for public consumption. Please be sure to check out their personal pages (which feature direct links to their own sites) for late-breaking details!

AND, while you're surfing, please consider doing all these remarkable artists (and the 40+ others) the favor of letting them know what you think of their tunes by blasting them with FEEDBACK on this site's message board. Thanks a lot!!


Over this past month, I've added a ZILLION links to this site's LINKS page. All of the newbies are confined to these three pages:


Syndicated INDIE NEWS column added!!:

Indie musicians and self-producing artists will (hopefully) dig the fact that Intimate Audio has just become a member of the MusicDish Network! Among other things, this means we're able to legally reprint their articles and news stories on our site! These news stories (described as "some of the top, artist-focused, music news drawn from Mi2N, the largest online music newswire") are usually updated weekly, and will appear along the upper-right side of this here news page. Be sure to keep checking back, particularly if you want to stay on top of the digital audio/web revolution. Pretty significant changes appear to be afoot, most notably the ol' iTunes explosion...

It's Intimate Audio's Two-Year Anniversary!

Last, but definitely not to be in the least (as the great Andy Kaufman so elegantly put!), I figured I'd mention that this li'l INTIMATE AUDIO site has now existed for two years, as of today! Hard to believe... Rest assured, things will continue to expand at an ever-increasing rate (more in-depth lessons, independent musician features/resources, interviews, etc.)! Among other things, traffic 'round here's certainly been escalating—we've been sitting consistently at the "4000+ unique visitors per week" level for a couple months now. Pretty darned cool, I reckon!! Thanks for making this all possible, cyber surfers!

Many thanks for directing your web browser to this neck of cyberspace!! It is appreciated! :)

—Day Ool


20 June, 2003


  • Current Issue of Guitar One on Newsstands!!
  • More AUDIO UPLOAD Additions!
  • DALEBOOTS Updated!
  • More LINKS added!
  • HaPpY BiRtHdAy Brian Wilson! (The man's 61 today!)

Current Issue of Guitar One (August 2003) on Newsstands!!:
(The following Features/Departments/Columns written by Dale Turner)

Want some tasty licks suitable for shredding in a variety of genres? Consider learning some of the blazing phrases featured in the front pages of this issue! I'm referring to the Editor's Lick (which I got to "throw down" this month), and three gnarly chromatic licks, inspired somewhat by the following pulverizing pickers:

Paul Gilbert (a Gilbertesque Lick)
Steve Morse/John Petrucci (a Morse/Petrucci-like Line)
Marty Friedman (a Friedmanish Phrase)

I should also add that it was an ABSOLUTE HONOR interviewing Stanley Jordan for this issue. What a monster... and a super nice guy to boot! And, of course, I totally dug crankin up my ol' Maiden albums for this issue's Riff Box! (Bruce Dickinson is one of the greatest hard rock vocalists ever.)


Over this past month, a melange (note: first time I've ever used that word) of musical mofos have done our ears a favor by uploading MP3s of their clever creations in AUDIO UPLOAD land! You want diversity? Check out the KILLER modern rock track just added by the Swedish band Candybars (Radiohead & Coldplay fans will freak). Or crank up the awe-inspiring axe work (and tasty as heck—with brilliant guitar harmonies happening) of the UK's Danny Gwilym! You can also earball a classy cut from Canada's Terry Vezina, recorded on a four-track back in '95. (Cool chording and fills, with a nice, relaxed vocal... sorta à la Jerry Garcia, to my ears). Finally, consider giving the brand-new (unfinished) Marcus Jeffery cut a crack—a jangle-y pop track "looking for a voice," as Jeffery himself states on his page. Curious parties are encouraged to leave feedback/contact info in Jeffery's Feedback area.

And on THAT subject... Please do all these remarkable artists (and the 40+ others) the favor of letting them know what you think of their tunes by blasting them with FEEDBACK on this site's message board. Thanks a lot!!

Oh yeah! I forgot to mention that this site's INTIMATE RADIO PLAYLIST has been totally revamped/updated. Please give it a spin! (50 plus songs in an ultra-eclectic mix!) You will absolutely flip over how cool this sounds:

WeB RaDiO LiNk

NOTE: I also broke down the above Master Playlist into categories (for separate streams), which you can view by going HERE. Hope ya dig!!

RECORDINGS (Dale Boots):

A couple weeks ago I attempted the great (though not-so-well-known) jazz song, "Detour Ahead" (performed back in the day by Ella Fitzgerald and Herb Ellis), in a tiny room occupied by some warm bodies. There was no microphone at all, meaning it was a pure acoustic performance (recorded to mini-disc). As usual, my voice bugs me for most of it, but wtf? The chord work's kinda cool though! (FYI, I played the whole thing by brushing the strings with my thumb, instead of strumming with a pick or pluckin' fingerstyle.)

At the very least, I hope someone discovers how cool this song is (not "my" version, but the song in general, silly!). A jazz vocalist friend of mine recently turned me on to it. Oddly enough, after thinking I'd never heard it before, I discovered I did have an instrumental version of it on the great, live Bill Evans album, Waltz for Debby. Purty funny! (FYI, the changes to Evans' version—which I attempted to adapt to geetar—are transcribed in The New Real Book.)


Over this past month, I've added a ZILLION links to this site's LINKS page. All of the newbies are confined to these three pages:


HaPpY BiRtHdAy Brian Wilson!!

Believe it or not, this hugely influential, super-creative pop/art-rock genius turns 61 today! Cruise over to Brian Wilson's official message board (I think you need to register though) and wish him a happy birthday! Or pay homage to the maestro by checking out the monster TRIBUTE on this site, which includes a unique INTERVIEW I conducted with the man himself!

Thanks for taking the time to cruise back into this neck of cyberspace!! It is appreciated! :)

—Day Ool


25 May, 2003


  • Current Issue of Guitar One on Newsstands!!
  • Shred Picking PSYCHO LICKS Lesson!
  • More AUDIO UPLOAD Additions!
  • DALEBOOTS Updated!
  • More LINKS added!
  • Happy Birthday MILES!

Current Issue of Guitar One (July 2003) on Newsstands!!:
(The following Features/Departments/Columns written by Dale Turner)

Alrighty, I reckon if you're jonesing for a pretty in-depth lesson on right hand techniques for nylon-string, this issue's Classical Guitar Lesson is for you! I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out... You can follow the text link above if you'd like to read the lesson's intro and hear its soundclips. I tried to fabricate examples that weren't the "same old thing" you get in every classical guitar lesson. These exercises are pretty fun! Brag, brag, brag...


Would you believe the last shred-oriented lesson added to this site was waaaaay back in March 2002? Man (and woman), how time flies!

Shredders will hopefully dig the fact that, for this month's PsYcHo LiCkS update, I've added two long picking lines of DOOM (LICK #29): One generated from a series of alternate picking patterns, the other coming by way of a sweep picking motif used along the same string set. The MP3s of these clips (the alternate picking and sweep picking fast versions) were taken from one of ten zillion old tapes (this one from June 1995) I have of me trying to shred, before my fookin' non-stop tendinitis made it totally immpossible to solo worth dog meat. (Can I get a "poor Dale"?) So... If you got the need for speed, consider giving these burning babies a try! But DON'T OVERDO IT to the point of damage, like my obsessive dorkiness did!!!!!


Yet another handful of indie artists have opted to upload their awesome tracks on this site's zany AUDIO UPLOAD page! Over the course of this past month, our ears have been treated to everything from the tasty tones and tunes of multi-instrumentalist Murasko, the totally whacked-out klezmer punk of Gangsta Rabbi, and a happening tribute to the late, great George Harrison courtesy of Drew V, to the rolicking reggae/singer-songwriter works of Mark Faria and psychotic shred of Ken Snyder (from his brand-new CD, One)! Please do these remarkable artists (and the 40+ others) the favor of letting them know what you think of their tunage by blasting them with FEEDBACK on this site's message board. Thanks a lot!!

RECORDINGS (Dale Boots):

Shortly after last month's update, I performed a pretty funny version of "Stray Cat Strut"—complete with two scat solos—in front of some warm bodies; I just added it to the ultra raw "live recordings" page on this site, known as DALEBOOTS. It's kind of a fun, little arrangement of this now classic Setzer tune. At the very least, try listening to that little bugger up to the 1:39 mark for the second, scat solo. It's sorta silly, I reckon :)


Over this past month, I've added a TON of links to this site's LINKS page. All of the newbies are confined to these three pages:


Happy Birthday MILES DAVIS:

As a little tribute to the birth of one of my all-time favorite three musicians ever to roam this planet, Miles Davis (b. May 25, 1926), I've uploaded an excerpt (59 seconds long) of a recently discovered live version of me (w/trio) playing the classic jazz standard, ”Nardis,“ recorded on a cheap mono cassette recorder waaaaay back in April 1991:

”NARDIS (Head Out)“ April 1991

May Miles rest in peace.

Thanks for visiting.

AND Happy Memorial Day!!!
(PS: I hope Bruce Almighty is good...)

—Day Ool


23 April, 2003


  • Current Issue of Guitar One on Newsstands!!
  • New PSYCHO LICK Added!
  • Tons O' AUDIO UPLOAD Additions!
  • DALEBOOTS Updated!
  • More LINKS added!

Current Issue of Guitar One (June 2003) on Newsstands!!:
(The following Features/Departments/Columns written by Dale Turner)

Shreddin' psychos GOTTA check out the GREAT Marty Friedman lesson in this issue!! The stuff that came out of him in this interview goes straight to the heart of "what's up" with this phenomenal picker's playing style—his unique phrasing/touch, angular/exotic lines, assymetrical note groupings, etc. To top it all off, it's actually funny! Some great quotes/analogies in there, I reckon. Check it out!!!


Figured it's been a zillion years since I added an actual "lick" to the PsYcHo LiCkS page; most of the new stuff has been rhythm guitar related, so... For this installment of PsYcHo LiCkS, I've added a handful of SOLO-OPENING MOTIFStasty little phrases you can use to grab a listener's attention, leading straight into the downbeat of your rock/blues solo. All the examples are in the key of A minor (w/Dorian shadings), end on the tonic (A), and are presented in the same rhythm throughout, making them easy to recall. Of course, you'll want to come up with your own rhythmic variations—experiment with different ending notes, and permutate them to fit over different tonalities to get more mileage out of them. FYI, these types of phrases are somewhat inspired by the timeless rock guitar melodies great players like David Gilmour, Neal Schon, Steve Lukather, Elliot Easton, Tom Scholz, Carlos Santana, and Lindsey Buckingham (among others) use in their songs—essentially a "song within a song" approach towards lead playing. There are eight "mini phrases" total. Hope you dig!


What's new in AUDIO UPLOAD land? How 'bout everything from gnarly death metal (Dead By Day), thumping techno (BeeStee), and commemorative music to U.S. soldiers overseas (Big Meat), to some sooooper-happening indie rock (BEND)! Please let these artists (and the 40+ others) know what you think of their material by leaving feedback for them. Thanks a lot!!

Also, I finally changed this site's REAL AUDIO PLAYLIST—a web radio-style, "streaming" showcase of at least one song from each artist who has posted original work via AUDIO UPLOAD. Not coincidentally, the first track on the new playlist is an excerpt of a cut called "Unity," by my supreme pickin' pal Joy Basu. Joy's just unleashed his long-awaited, stunning new solo album, SinErgy, and "Unity" is one of his several, new, earth-shattering tracks. You can go earball excerpts of this song, and many more selections, by clicking his disc's image below:

RECORDINGS (Dale Boots):

I reckon it's been a few months since I added any live recordings of my fool self to this site... So guess what? For your listening and laughter, on the DALEBOOTS page of this site's RECORDINGS section, you can hear me attempt two classics, "Unchained Melody" (I was insipred to give this tune a try after hearing bootlegs of the Ours' Jimmy Gnecco kick arse on it, acoustic guitar/vocal-style) and Queen's "Killer Queen," in front of some unsuspecting humans. At the very least, suffer through that Queen cut till you hear how I attempt recreating Brian May's masterful guitar solo—while strumming my acoustic geetar! (No, it's not a kazoo!) As always, be sure to consult the DALEBOOTS page, for a run-down of the most noteworthy clams :)


Over this past month, I've added a TON of links to this site's LINKS page. All of the newbies are confined to these three pages:


Lastly, if you've yet to see the FOOKIN' HILARIOUS new flick, A MIGHTY WIND, get off yer duff and head to the nearest theater. Mock-umentary at its most masterful... Keep yer eyes peeled for a couple appearances in the film by Musicians Institute's own badass bassist, Brian Allen.

—Day Ool


24 March, 2003


  • Current Issue of Guitar One on Newsstands!!
  • SEARCH ENGINE added to site!
  • AUDIO ODDITIES Addition!
  • More LINKS added!

Current Issue of Guitar One (May 2003) on Newsstands!!:

(The following Features/Departments/Columns written by Dale Turner)

Alrighty! I'll be the first to say that I'M PLEASED AS PUNCH with how this JAZZ GUITAR LESSON turned out. It was kinda tough covering a lot of ground, given space limitations, but I thought it ended up being a pretty cool overview of what's involved with learning how to play within this style—you get everything from ii-V changes (major & minor keys) using nice root-position chord shapes, single-note lines to navigate those changes, Wes Montgomery-style octave lines (w/elongated ii-V chord pacing), a study on connecting chord tones using voice leading (gets your "arpeggio" brain cells burning), "Rhythm Changes" stuff, walking bassline basics, and tips on using chromastric passing tones. Pleeease check it out!!

Also glad to hook up with Randy Bachman for our Now & Then column. Among other things, you'll read how Mr. Bachman's gone to great lengths towards preserving the legacy (by way of issuing previously unreleased material submitted directly to Bachman by archivalists) of the late, great Lenny Breau via his GUITARCHIVES label.


Ever wonder where in the world of lurks that lesson on multi-fingered tapping, chromatic passing tones, walking basslines, or alternate picking? Maybe you wanna find what pages contain refrences to players like Tuck Andress and/or Lenny Breau, Hendrix, Jeff Buckley and/or John Frusciante, Yngwie Malmsteen and/or Paul Gilbert?? Or perhaps you just wanna sort through this site's acoustic content or music theory/ear training info? Whatever the case, the new search engine added to this site will definitely help you hone in on whatever it is you're looking for—anywhere within this site's 100+ pages!!! Try it out!!! (All main pages contain a search engine box at the midpoint of the vertical NavBar on the far left.) It actually works really well...


Been practicing too much? Burnt out? For your own diversional amusement, I just added another nugget to the fun audio/video area of this site, known as AUDIO ODDITIES. This new animated ditty is a crazy (legalized by Sony) karaoke version of the Gipsy King's "Volaré"—replete with bouncing ball, and other assorted hilarities:


Over this past month, I've added a TON of links to this site's LINKS page. All of the newbies are confined to these three pages:


Peace be with you, music makers!!!

—Day Ool


21 February, 2003


  • Current Issue of Guitar One on Newsstands!!
  • PSYCHO LICKS Updated!
  • New songs added to AUDIO UPLOAD page!
  • More LINKS added!
  • Navigation Overhaul!
  • HATE Mail!?

Current Issue of Guitar One (April 2003) on Newsstands!!:

(The following Features/Departments/Columns written by Dale Turner)

Really glad I was able to get in touch with Faith No More's Jim Martin, as FNM is one of my favorite modern "art rock" bands.

Also, if you're into learning a variety of key picking/plucking hand approaches (from alternate picking/strumming, economy/sweep picking, and hybrid picking, to fingerstyle techniques ranging from strict classical and Travis Picking, to Flamenco), consider flippin' through ye olde Lesson Lab...


I finally added a new lesson to the PSYCHO LICKS page. This one is called ESSENTIAL RHYTHM GUITAR STYLES. It features samples of the unique rhythm guitar approaches used in rock/metal (from power chording to Hendrix-style), folk/acoustic (jangle madness!), country, punk, ska, jazz, and more—all stated in the context of an Am-F-C-G progression!

(NOTE: I intentionally left out rhythm guitar styles like funk and blues, due to the fact that these styles typically revolve around chord cycles or static chord vamps unrelated to this lesson's core Am-F-C-G progression.)

Hopefully, by hearing a variety of rhythm guitar approaches stated over the exact same progression, you'll better hear (and grasp, from a theoretical standpoint) the specific devices used that help differentiate each style. There are TEN EXAMPLES in all, many of which (in the accompanying MP3s) showcase my Strat's ever-increasing intonation problems... (*sniffle*)


A bunch more songs have been uploaded to the ol' AUDIO UPLOAD page (as well as this site's REAL AUDIO STREAMING broadcast of indie tunes) over the past couple weeks. For starters, we got a sickening sample of "chops of doom," courtesy of 14-year-old shred phenom Thomas Sams (song: "Expressions"); an instrumental surf guitar band called The Weisstronauts contributed their splashy sounds in the form of "Dr. Sanchez (I Presume)"; singer-songwriter Adam Jensen added a tasty new track ("Slide Away") featuring his stellar guitar/vocal abilities; and Juliette Esper blessed us with a trio of jazz standards ("'Round Midnight," "Loverman," and "Cry Me a River"), demonstrating (live!) her smokin' vocals.

Earball 'em (and the other 30+ artists contained herein) at your leisure!


Loads o' links have also been added to the various categories that now comprise this site's LINKS page. Here are a few of the newbies:





For what it's worth, I did a lot of behind-the-scenes tweaking of most of the hyperlinks on this site (most should change color on mouse over), as well as totally revamped the "link icon" system (on the far left of each page, below the "HOME" icon) I've been using to access pages like PSYCHO LICKS, AUDIO UPLOAD, etc. Now they also include a text link, for easier navigation. Many images on this site have also been finessed to include an "alt. tag" so that, before the image fully loads, you can read what the heck that incoming graphic is supposed to be. Hope that somehow helps...


Believe it or not, we editors at Guitar One magazine receive personal letters every once in a while, either from concerned readers wishing to correct what they believe to be an error we printed, or to thank us for addressing/covering a subject that's close to their hearts. In the past, these types of letters would be forwarded to me (see FAN MAIL) by Guitar One's "in house" editors based in New York.

Interestingly, once I started my web site, instead of "hard copy" versions of letters forwarded to me, I started getting e-mails from some of these folks directly. These pickers were pretty cool, most of the time...

Well, on 4 January, 2003 I received what could only be regarded as "hate mail" from a guy who was pretty peeved over Guitar One's annual "Best Riffs of (insert year)," a feature I've written (to date) in celebration of the years 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2002. So...

On the Who D.A.T.? page I've added a new category, just for this particular letter: Hate Mail (*giggle*). Wanna read it (and the e-mail exchange that followed)? Simply go to that page, or click this HATE MAIL link. Hopefully y'all find it as entertaining as I did! :)

Happy (belated) MLK Day, V-Day, and P-Day! And thanks a lot for continuing to peruse these pages!!


24 January, 2003


  • Current Issue of Guitar One on Newsstands!!
  • FRET BUZZ Book Unveiled!
  • NAMM Photos Posted!
  • INTIMATE RADIO Launched!
  • New songs added to AUDIO UPLOAD page!
  • LINKS Page Revamped (and more LINKS added)!

Current Issue of Guitar One (March 2003) on Newsstands!!:

(The following Features/Departments/Columns written by Dale Turner)

  • Guitar School: Interview & Lesson w/Scott Henderson!
  • Now & Then: Interview w/Helmet's Page Hamilton!
  • Noise & Feedback: Buckethead Story and Economy Picking mini-lesson!

IMHO, the above Scott Henderson interview/lesson RULES! Chock full o' BRUTAL licks, instrumental figures, concepts, and gear info! Jazz/blues/rock pickers are gonna dig it, I reckon... The li'l bit o' Buckethead is also a bust up!

FRET BUZZ Book Unveiled:

Long-time readers of G1 probably remember that, up until a year and a half or so ago, I wrote a column called Fret Buzz, printed on that mag's last page. (When Troy Nelson became Editor in Chief, he passed that column's torch to me.). Well, all the columns I wrote, as well as all the ones created by Troy Nelson, have just been incorporated into a spiffy book—with a CD!!

For the most part, I'm very proud of my contributions towards that column—lots of lead/rhythm vocabulary enriching ideas, IMHO. Please click on the book below, if you'd like to read more:

Fret Buzz

Meanwhile, here's the book's ”official“ blurb:

From the pages of Guitar One magazine comes Fret Buzz, a guide to licks, riffs, harmonic ideas, and technique for the serious blues/rock guitarist. From the familiar to the obscure, you'll find an arsenal of material here. Includes 33 great lessons on topics such as: country licks, essential endings, beyond the blues box, guitar fitness, chord connections, scale sequences, string bending, pedal tones, harmonics, banjo rolls, fret-hand fitness and more! The accompanying CD includes 30 demonstration tracks.

N.A.M.M. Photos Posted in PHOTO GALLERY:

Last weekend (from Thursday Jan. 16 to Sun. Jan. 19) was the annual ”Winter N.A.M.M.“ Show—a music industry trade event where music merchants gather at the Anaheim Convention Center and show their wares. (FYI, ”N.A.M.M.“ stands for ”National Association of Music Merchants.“) I had to work at that show on Friday and Saturday, basically to rap with gear manufacturers and help ”represent“ for Guitar One magazine.

On Friday, I brought my girlfriend's digital camera and snagged shots of pretty much all the guitar (and bass) gods in attendance—from Buckethead (closer than any human has dared venture before!) and Steve Morse, to John Petrucci, Paul Gilbert, Vinnie Moore, Tony MacAlpine, and Fishbone's Norwood Fisher! (Okay, so I missed Andy Timmons, Steve Lukather, and a few more—you can't win 'em all!) Feast your eyes on this site's PHOTO GALLERY to get a glimpse of their greatness!

Here be some samples:


Around Christmas 2002 I was vegging (rare!) in front of my computer and decided to drop one MP3 from each artist who had uploaded an original song to into my MP3 player's PLAYLIST folder. I hit ”random,“ kicked back, and tripped out!! The end result was not unlike what listeners of Europe-based radio stations might be familiar with: Total hip hodgepodge of interesting stuff, crossing loads of stylistic boundaries. In short, it was pretty durned refreshing!! After that experience, I basically decided it'd SUPER COOL to see if I could somehow stream some of these songs in succession—Internet Radio-style—from my site.

After much investigation, I found that I could only stream audio files from my site using REAL AUDIO format. I went ahead and converted a bunch of songs, optimizing them for 28.8k modem users (which dumbs down the audio quality), posted the little buggers, put them in a specific PLAYLIST order, then created a little page to hit the songs from.

And, as of 3 January 2003, IT WORKS!!!!!
(click on below to try)

InTiMaTe RaDiO


In REAL PLAYERS, as each song comes up, the title of the track, as well as the artist (might have to manually scroll to see it, on some REAL PLAYERS) are displayed. You may also skip to the next track if you don't dig what you hear right away, though none of the song titles will be displayed UNTIL that track has begun streaming from the server. Do yourself a favor though and just let it play ”radio-style“ to get the intended effect. If you've come this far, I'm pretty certain you'll dig the experience!

So check it out! Listen to some of the other cool things people have posted up here! You WILL be surprised!!


Loads of new tunes have found their way into AUDIO UPLOAD land since last reported. We got two AWESOME, brand-spankin'-new, ultra-intimate cuts from Il Manifesto, a hook-heavy groovefest (w/stellar vocals) from a female-fronted band called Scapesonik, the jazzy vocal stylings of pianist Wendy Skyler, a tasty R&B gem from multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Philip Clark, the piano/vocal prowess of singer-songwriter Adam Jensen, some glorious acoustic/vocal numbers from Ben Grisham, an independently-crafted ”country two-step“ tune from Norman Lambert, three full-length song samples of singer-songwriter excellence from Bob Velvin and an acoustic-based version of an otherwise electrified cut from UK funk/metal fusion band NCTB.

Please check out their freshly-created pages (linked to the text above) and lend 'em yer ears!! Also, consider posting your feedback (or critique) about thie above artists' work on the MESSAGE BOARD. Thanks!!


K. I finally revamped the LINKS page! I separated the entire can of worms into the following categories, for (hopefully) easier navigation:

Companies We Keep (8 links)

Dale's Pickin' Pals (41 links)

General Guitar Sites (22 links)

Guitar/Music Rankings Pages (25 links)

Web Rings (23 links)

Ear Training Resources (12 links)

Independent Musicians’ Resources (28 links)

Artist-Run Record Labels (3 links)

Miscellaneous (6 links)

Intimate Audio Link Exchange

FYI, the vast majority of new links added last month can be found in the Guitar/Music Rankings Pages (25 links) category. A few more newbies also found their way into the Independent Musicians’ Resources (30 links) section. Hope y'all find some useful stuff there...

Happy (belated) New Year!!


All NEWS Items from 2002 Have Been Archived HERE


Week of December 10, 2003

* Xenia Accomplishes Two Single Dance Songs

* Har-Bal Helps MCA Recording Artist Tameko Star Take The Indie Route

* CD Baby And Tower Records Partner

* CNET Networks Announces Strategy To Serve Music Fans And The Independent Artist Community

* Court Grants NYU's Demand For The Bottom Line's Eviction

* Touring For A Living: Help Your Artists Get The Mo From The Road NARIP

* NAMM's 2nd Annual International Fastest Drummer Contest

Xenia Accomplishes Two Single Dance Songs

A recently launched web site is posting Xenia's exclusive blended sounds in two downloadable single releases that each define a style of music as best described as "techno-pop," a combination of synthesizers with a hip of pop and dance. Xenia's music is distinct and her voice puts a spin to dance music.

"Dance With Me," Xenia's first single is about a need of a boyfriend's company as a girlfriend misses dancing and conversing with her boyfriend. The song says plenty about the affection the girlfriend has over the boyfriend.

"Prodigy," Xenia's second release, is about the artist's beat having something extraordinary or inexplicable come to life. A sound used in making of the song generated by a synth resembles a guitar. The same sound is blended with dance beats to bring out the charm.

Through Xenia's web site, the releases can heard and listeners can take advantage of a distinctive approach in securely purchasing downloadables, at reasonable pricing, through Now, buying downloadable music has never being easier using this collaborative site.

Har-Bal Helps MCA Recording Artist Tameko Star Take The Indie Route

"I'm no sound engineer, but after running my tracks through Har-Bal, I can actually hear how dramatically the sound quality improved."

December 2003 - Atlanta, GA - Tameko Star is no stranger to success. As the lead singer for dance-pop trio Livin' Joy, she was responsible for their first #1 hit in the U.K. "Dreamer" 1994, followed by their #5 single "Don't Stop Movin'." Her early success drew the attention of MCA Europe that quickly signed the group, which spawned numerous top ten hits while wowing audiences worldwide with her dynamic stage performances.

But as she strikes out solo on her upcoming album, Tameko wants to retain control over its production and quality. "I enjoy the creative control I have now," she told Music2Showcase in a recent interview. "I know what I want my music to sound like and there's no middleman." So it was no surprise that she turned to Har-Bal (Harmonic Balancer), a powerful mastering equalization system, to optimize the sound quality of her music.

"I don't have to take my product to a high-end studio to be mastered anymore," explained Tameko. "Studio engineers charge thousands of dollars while the Har-Bal application offers the same benefits at a fraction of the cost. And it's allowed me to master my songs in my own home studio while achieving that high-end studio sound."

But while cost was an important consideration in Tameko's choice Har-Bal ("there are plenty of high-end hardware devices available, but they cost a fortune"), the difference it made in her music was the real clincher. Har-Bal is the first of its kind software that introduces a new process of Harmonically Balancing recorded music. The software allows users to create original and re-mastered recordings that sound absolutely incredible.

"I'm no sound engineer, but after running my tracks through Har-Bal, I can actually hear how dramatically the sound quality improved. And Har-Bal is different in that it allows me to visually see any errors in the song and make immediate corrections."

"Feel Good" (Tameko Star): Before x After
"Beginning Of The Week" (Tameko Star): Before x After

"For example, I am able to now increase the volume of my songs when I am playing them with no distortion. The bass area on my tracks sounds super tight and that is very important to me because I like to play my music loud!"

Tameko's self-titled album is scheduled for release in the spring of 2004. Tameko Star can be reached at

Har-Bal is a New and Novel Approach By obtaining the right spectral balance when mastering a sound recording, Har-Bal merges the existing technologies of linear phase digital filtering with spectral analysis to provide an unprecedented level of control over the spectral balance of a recording. You can download a demo version of Har-Bal.

CD Baby And Tower Records Partner

The top online retailer of independent music, CD Baby, recently inked a deal with Tower Records, the 43-year-old Sacramento, California-based chain known for their deep catalog and vast selection of obscure and popular titles.

The deal will allow, Tower Records' online commerce site, to offer CD Baby's 50,000 independent titles for sale to its consumers, making the largest retailer of independent music on the web.

"We're very excited to work with a company as well renowned in the music industry as Tower Records," says CD Baby President and owner Derek Sivers. "Many amazing artists are shunning record labels, choosing to self-release their music directly to fans. By going through CD Baby and now Tower, their music is getting the distribution it deserves, while still leaving the musician in control of their work."

CNET Networks Announces Strategy To Serve Music Fans And The Independent Artist Community

CNET Networks, Inc. announced its strategy to serve the needs of music fans and the independent artist community. The Company is planning two upcoming music site launches: a free independent artist upload/download site that will be featured on CNET starting in early 2004, and the re-launch of as a comprehensive music information site shortly thereafter.

The music upload/download site that will be featured on CNET, the world's largest download library, will serve the needs of the independent artist community and its fans. Music fans will be able to easily find their favorite artists and music types, and sample songs for free. Independent artists were notified last week that they should copy and hold their music files for transfer to the new site, and turn to between now and its launch for updates.

When CNET Networks re-launches next year, it will address the increasing demand for a central information resource focused on music, leveraging CNET Networks' strength as a premier provider of innovative, interactive content. The emergence of digital music on the Internet is changing the music landscape, impacting fans, artists, and the music industry.

Court Grants NYU's Demand For The Bottom Line's Eviction

Today is a dark day for the arts in the City of New York. Despite the protests of artists and citizens throughout the world, the court has granted New York University's demand for the eviction of The Bottom Line. As a result of NYU's action, the music that has played for nearly 30 years at 15 West 4th Street will soon be silenced.

Since June, we have presented New York University with numerous proposals in the hopes that this day would never come. As recent as two weeks ago we sent a counterproposal to the onerous terms which NYU submitted to us; alas, they never had the courtesy to respond. Indeed, just last week the judge offered to mediate a resolution between NYU and The Bottom Line. Sadly each and every one of these solutions has either been ignored or rejected by NYU.

Over the last month many concerned private and corporate citizens including: Sirius Satellite Radio, Bruce Springsteen, Mel Karmazin, Richard Wissack and AT&T have all offered financial commitments to help demonstrate to NYU that they were the custodians of something much more valuable than a piece of "undervalued real estate." In fact, in a cultural and historic sense this piece of real estate might be the most valuable property in their portfolio.

Touring For A Living: Help Your Artists Get The Mo From The Road NARIP

Workshop with Chris Arnstein
Saturday, January 10th, 2004
Beverly Garland Hotel (Beverly Garland Theater)
4222 Vineland Avenue, Studio City, CA 91604
9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Paul McCartney, Phish, The Temptations, B.B. King, the Pointer Sisters, Jimmy Buffett. Record sales may not be huge in recent years, yet some have set income records by touring.

Your clients can tour successfully, too!

Learn the tips and tricks of the big acts, and get all the info used by mid-line artists, newly signed artists, and indie artists who are making the most of touring opportunities. Plus, learn the best ways to turn concerts into CD sales!

This NARIP workshop will also cover:

* Success for acts in all career phases and stages
* When and why to go on the road
* Identifying target demographics
* Reaching your acts' ideal audiences
* Who handles what on a tour
* Different career options for different types of artists
* Touring with or without a record deal
* Planning and budgeting tours

NAMM's 2nd Annual International Fastest Drummer Contest

NAMM International announces its second annual quest to find the 'World's Fastest Drummer'. This highly charged Interactive Event will be a feature at this year's NAMM Winter Session in Anaheim, Ca. The contest, which consist of two categories, Fastest Hands and Fastest Feet starting at 11:00am Thursday, January 15th, with "heats" continuing through Friday and Saturday until 4.00pm. The top ten Fastest Hands and top ten Fastest Feet will compete in a 'Finals Battle' of both categories held on NAMM'S main outside stage at 1:00pm Sunday, January 18th.

Included in this year's event will be technical demonstrations, insight sessions and appearances by WFD Champions Mike Mangini, Art Verdi, Johnny Rabb, Tim Waterson and Jotan Afanador. "To see these guys go at it, full throttle, smooth as silk with their hands and feet moving over 18 times per second for an entire minute is simply an amazing work of technical proficiency." Says Boo McAfee, co-founder of Extreme Sport Drumming.

Provided by the MusicDish Network. Copyright © Tag It 2003 - Republished with Permission