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NEWS FLASH!!! Singer-Songwriter/Multi-Instrumentalist Unveils One-Man-Band ROCK Record on the INTIMATE AUDIO label:

Yep! It finally exists. After four years of slow boiling... Unbelievable! Please check out my brand-new “full band” album of original compositions, MANNERISMS MAGNIFIED (now available through, iTunes and AMAZON.COM), featuring me performing all the instruments (voices, guitar, bass, real acoustic drums, piano, accordion, and mandolin). I also produced, arranged, engineered, and did all the artwork/illustrations—intimate audio AND visual, lol! (Details can be seen in my YouTube: ALBUM PREVIEW/documentary.) I’d love to hear your thoughts!

The former West Coast Editor (1996-2007) of the now defunct Guitar One magazine, in addition to working as a performing/recording musician and producing engineer, Dale Turner is an instructor at Hollywood's Musician's Institute (where he teaches Jimi Hendrix-style rhythm guitar improvisation, music theory/ear training, sight-reading, and rhythmic independence for the singing guitarist), and author of 50+ instructional books/transcription folios (his latest being Power Plucking - A Rocker's Guide to Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar). He also writes a monthly acoustic guitar column for Guitar World magazine, and is featured in their Lick of the Day App. for iPhone/iPad.

Below are a few "other blurbs" detailing exciting things about li'l ol' me ;-) Beyond the bonus biographical information, you'll find a few reviews of Mannerisms Magnified, interviews relating to the disc (among other subjects), a list of almost every awesome guitar player (among other instrumentalists) I've had the honor of interviewing (as well as the name of the publication and the specific issue it appeared in), some very interesting "fan mail" that was a joy for me to read (you'll see why--totally cool!), and (believe it or not) a dose of "hate mail" I got from a reader of GuitarOne magazine. HILARIOUS! You'll also find a few photos taken back in the stone age.... I'll update that area with more "recent" photos soon, lol :-)

  • Carl King Podcast - "Dale Turner: 10 Tales of Famous Guitarists" (published July 27, 2022) This is some off-the-cuff commentary, detailing one or two interesting things that occurred during interviews with 10 (of well over 100) world-famous pickers I had the pleasure of paying homage to (in guitar magazines), between 1997-2007. GOOD TIMES! Total run time of this segment is about 25 minutes. But I could have easily spoken about each of these guitarists for an hour-plus. Maybe worth noting, of the 100-plus guitar players I've interviewed, those mentioned in this podcast do not constitute my ONLY favorites; plenty of my all-time faves aren't in this discussion. So maybe one day, we can do a "part two," lol. Also enjoy via APPLE and SPOTIFY podcasts.
  • Frank interviews Dale Turner (a February 2022 discussion) A fun talk with Frank Rodriguez Villela (from whom I acquired this fantastic contra classical guitar) about approaches to guitar education (focusing primarily on "high school"-type students). Not to sound "vain," but... hilarious fisheye lens-type distortion of screen periphery, making us both look 50 pounds heavier, below our elbows!
    Cool story/profile on the Society of Composers & Lyricists (SCL) website, detailing WEEDS and its musical score: SCL member Dale Turner scores WEEDS--the first animated short film completed within the Filmmakers Co-op at Disney Feature Animation
    Archive link of Nov. 8, 2017 live stream 'WEEDS' seminar @ Gnomon School of Visual Effects, Games & Animation (with DISNEY gurus Kevin Hudson, Brad Simonsen, Jean-Christophe Poulain, Wayne Unten, Henrik Panz... and myself). It's over two hours long, detailing the making of the WEEDS ANIMATED SHORT! If you want to go straight to where I talk about the MUSICAL SCORE (and play Charango--LIVE!), rip on over to the 1:36:26 mark <<that's ONE HOUR and 36 mins in!
  • Carl King Podcast Episode #3 (aired Feb. 20, 2017) This "FILM MUSIC"-oriented discussion with Carl King got me talking in-depth about "shelving" (after 3 years of work) my follow-up to Mannerisms Magnified to devote my musical life to FILM SCORING. Also includes "Trump talk," loads of yakkin' 'bout film composers (from Bernard Herrmann and Alexandre Desplat to Thomas Newman and Ennio Morricone--with audio examples), a bunch of info about my exotic instrument collection, Carl's KICKASS Grand Architects of the Universe album, and STEVE VAI! (PS: You can download this podcast on iTunes, and/or see the FULL TRANSCRIPT HERE.)
  • CAPE 51: Guitar Geeking with Dale Turner (Full Episode) Fun LIVE interview (streaming audio and video), MEMORIAL DAY 2015. Loads of YNGWIE talk--what he’s like, IMHO, having interviewed him 4-5 times. Also covers how Chris Aballo (the radio host) and I met, how I kicked off my “writing” career, cool stuff about Musician’s Institute, archiving musical ideas if you’re a songwriter, MANNERISMS MAGNIFIED montage and discussion, Brian Wilson & upcoming LOVE & MERCY film, Spine surgery, how I crushed leg with my own car, talkin’ ‘bout babies, my detour from upcoming (semi-nearly completed) album to focus on film composing, my old CLAYMATION MOVIES (which I’m “scoring”), my favorite interviews I’ve conducted, and my first guitar influences (Vivian Campbell, Randy Rhoads). GOOD TIMES!! Thanks a billion, Chris Aballo's Podcast Experiment and all at SKIDROWSTUDIOS!! DOWNLOAD off iTunes and rate 5 starts to help Chris’ show!
  • "Discover: Dale Turner" MAKE WEIRD MUSIC Podcast Interview [HILARIOUS conversation w/ MAKE WEIRD MUSIC's Anthony Garone & special guest Carl King. PARENTAL ADVISORY: This is nutty, 100% UNCUT ("F Bombs" abound) & starts of with a bang (at least earball the OPENING MINUTE before bailing)! LOADS of talk about tune-smithin', guitar mags, hand injuries, Vai, Jeff Buckley, Greg Wells, Jon Brion, Intimate Audio, Mannerisms Magnified, upcoming NEW ALBUM, lengthy "weird music" discussion, Chris Cornell's Euphoria Morning, Joni Mitchell, open tunings rant, etc. (Aired Feb. 25, 2015)
  • "So You Think You're a Creative Genius, Now What?" PODCAST INTERVIEW [My gigantic conversation with CARL KING has been unleashed onto the web! (Aired Sept. 16, 2011.) This is EASILY the most in-depth MUSICAL discussion I've had in AGES! And, it's TWO HOURS long, lol! For ease in absorbtion, I made a little "table of contents" to chronicle this discussion, complete with exact timings for each section, and details about what's discussed within. (PS: You can download it too—FREE—on iTunes.)] TARGET AUDIENCE MAGAZINE (This very in-depth November 2011 interview feature focuses mostly on independent musician self promotion, and says "Dale Turner does SO MUCH on his own ... a shoe-in for our indie feature because of what he can teach the rest of us starving artists.")
    MUSIC ZEITGEIST (This fantastic October 2011 feature + interview streams "Exit Wound" & calls Mannerisms Magnified "Recordings that kick trendy clichés to the curb ... Jellyfish-style pop layered with Brian Wilsonesque vocals co-mingle with complexity that beckons the prog association. Dale Turner is a prodigious, inventive and very special musical talent.") G3 MAGAZINE (Volume 3, Issue 4 - INDEPENDENT ARTIST Edition. This April 2011 interview covers songwriting, music marketing, and other "indie music" topics, personal health issues, MANNERISMS MAGNIFIED & "She-Hab," Mike Patton, etc. A great PRINT and DIGITAL mag!)
    ALTSOUNDS (This August 2011 INTERVIEW was WAY fun!! Got to talk about Jeff Buckley, Igor Stravinsky, Christian Bale, MP3s, downloading, my father, and LOADS of MANNERISMS MAGNIFIED things--plus a lot of FUN "out in left-field" oddities!! It's BIG!) I AM ENTERTAINMENT Magazine (THREE-PAGE INTERVIEW in the April/May 2011 issue of IAE MAGAZINE! Has TONS of music info: MANNERISMS MAGNIFIED bits, multi-instrumentalist mania, some personal music history, stuff about Musician's Institute--plus an arts-related "text messaging" rant!!)
  • Junior's Cave Online Magazine (JANUARY 2011 interview containing loads of "indie musician" info, fun MANNERISMS MAGNIFIED details, as well as an in-depth "music industry" discussion. Dig it!)
    INDEPENDENT MUSIC AND MEDIA [This SEPTEMBER 2011 E-zine Feature + Audio Interview calls Dale: "A true visionary ... who really gives meaning to the word 'independent.'" Audio interview covers "style description" & musical upbringing (Part 1), why I titled my disc MANNERISMS MAGNIFIED (Part 2), being an independent musician, hard copy CDs, and plenty of other madness.] ULTIMATE (DECEMBER 2010 interview, ALL on the art of transcribing. I tried to leave no stone unturned. It's GIANT!) Indie Music Digest (SEPTEMBER 2010 interview that contains lots of interesting info—many personal details—about MANNERISMS MAGNIFIED's recording/songs. Check it out!) VENTS Magazine (SEPTEMBER 2010 interview containing some funny stuff, as well as songwriting details, and "future" plans re: MANNERISMS MAGNIFIED. Nice!)
    GUITAR PLAYER Magazine (OCTOBER 2009 interview lesson I did, conducted by Jude Gold, on the subject of intros and turnarounds. Cool!) - FAVE FIVE (Fun 2008 feature where I describe my top five favorite guitar albums. I tried to keep this list related to what influences my own personal style--how I use guitars in my own songs--rather than just pure "guitar jock" fave albums.) Musician's Institute News (One-page interview/story in Musician's Institute's Newsletter where I discuss musical literacy, songwriting, and other things of interest to guitar players and music students, in general. From 2007.) Hand Injuries (Interesting interview from 2006, primarily about ways to avoid hand injuries and stuff.) - INTERVIEW (HUGE interview I did, back in 2004 I think, with the GUITARHOO website. Covers lots of stuff about transcribing, playing more tastefully, work ethic, hand injuries, my own musical background, and more.)
  • GUITAR PLAYER Magazine (Awesome NOVEMBER 2010 review of Mannerisms Magnified: "Like what the Beach Boys might do if they were on an acid trip that was on the verge of getting out of control. Yeah!") THE BIG TAKEOVER Magazine (The great indie rock mag praises Mannerisms Magnified's "Agile guitar plucking and mischievous lyrical wordplay ... Expertly crafted, multi-layered, and idiosyncratic guitar pop." Issue #69, out NOV 2011) PROGRESSION Magazine (This kick arse mag, which focuses on progressive rock, calls Mannerisms Magnified: "A varied mix of clever rock and pop, with a progressive edge" in their SPRING 2011 issue.)
    MUSIC CONNECTION Magazine (NOVEMBER 2010 issue reviews Mannerisms Magnified: "Clever in concept and sophisticated in execution. It seems there's nothing [Dale] cannot do in the studio") NORTH COLUMBIA MONTHLY Magazine (Rad NW mag reviews Mannerisms Magnified in AUGUST 2012: "Some of the most arresting vocal harmonies I've encountered, ever.") ALL ACCESS Magazine (Reviews Mannerisms Magnified: "A remarkable and inspiring effort on all fronts. DIY Musicians take note.") ALTSOUNDS (This really cool review from April 2011 calls Dale: "A true mad scientist at work ... This one-man-band is a one-man-force to be reckoned with.") CHARTattack (A short & sweet review praising Mannerisms Magnified for being "full of acoustic guitar virtuoso techniques.") Indie Music Digest (Great 9/10-star review of Mannerisms Magnified: "Musical brilliance. Highly original, creative, extremely melodic, and unpredictable as hell.") Music Web Express (Review by Robert Silverstein, formerly of 20th Century Guitar magazine: "Mannerisms Magnified takes rock music in a daring new direction ... You'd never guess it was all one person doing it all.")
    The Mag (U.K.) (This cool U.K. music site reviews Mannerisms Magnified: "This record is incredibly creative, inventive and well-crafted.")
    Rock N' Roll View (This review contrasts Mannerisms Magnified against generic modern releases: "Thought-provoking melodic rock in the vein of Mr. Bungle, Queen, and Frank Zappa.") Music Emissions (Awesome 9/10-star review! States of Mannerisms Magnified: "Someone once said that there was a fine line between genius and insanityÉ this feels like the work of a genius, but I cant help thinking I've witnessed elements of the insane at the same time!")
    Independent Music Promotions (This killer 10/10 review from NOV 2011 likens Dale to "A musical Salvador Dali." Adding that "Mannerisms Magnified comfortably borders on masterpiece territory ... Smart, catchy and sophisticated with dark undertones and 'down the rabbithole' surprises around every corner.")
    Crashing Symbols (Fantastic August 2011 review that calls Dale: "A multi-instrumentalist in the vein of Jon Brion who seems to find the perfect marriage of musical arrangement and composition.") Rough Edge (This rad September 2011 review calls Mannerisms Magnified: "Unique, exciting and delightful ... it gets better with each listen. Its originality shines.")
    Big Smile Magazine (Nice li'l October 2011 review that says Mannerisms Magnified is like "nothing you have experienced. And the experience is not easily put into words. Take the journey with Dale Turner and open your mind.")
    Music Worth Reviewing (This September 2012 review calls Dale: "An eclectic genius full of lyrical delights and intelligent musical sensibility... a mix between Ben Folds, Sufjan Stevens, and Björk. But on many tracks, frankly, he’s better.")
    Indieshark (Fun 4/5 "shark teeth" review of Mannerisms Magnified: "This guy is a musical genius who locked himself away for a few years to deliver you this catalogue of music.")
    Bluesbunny (U.K.) (Calls Mannerisms Magnified: "A mixed bag of musical treats. Fans of Mike Patton should perhaps take interest.")
    Elite Veterans of Rock (Says: "Dale Turner is one of this decade's finest singers. This guy is fearless! A first class recording.") SKOPE Mag (Calls Mannerisms Magnified: "A fresh & original piece of work ... Get ready to hear something unique.")
    I AM ENTERTAINMENT Magazine (Says of Mannerisms Magnified: "Not for the music lover who likes to hear the typical repetitive Pop song ... Dale borders the line of musical genius.") (This INDIE SPOTLIGHT Mannerisms Magnified Feature says: "What is there not to like about this incredible one-man show? If you like rock and pop like Queen or The Beatles this guy is no brainer.")
  • STRUM Magazine (A single-track review of Mannerisms Magnified's "Hiding Place": "Dale Turner has one of those voices to which the ear is just naturally drawn.") LONGE Magazine (Full-page feature on Mannerisms Magnified. Hardcopy of mag only available on East Coast. Click link to see digital copy and select P. 38.)
    Wildy's World (Says, of Mannerisms Magnified: "Guitarists out there will enjoy picking out some of the finer points of Turner's playing technique.") (Very first review of Mannerisms Manified, penned by my long-time pal, Michael Mueller, former Editor-in-Chief of GuitarOne magazine, and author, among other things.)
    MUTANT [Carl King (a.k.a. Sir Millard Mulch, a.k.a. Dr. Zoltan Øbelisk) says of Mannerisms Magnified: "The first time I listened to this thing, I was frozen in time and space as it took over my mind. I forgot where I was. Dale's music is complex, tricky, and unusual ... yet ... at the core, you can't escape the beautiful vocal melodies and well-crafted acoustic guitar. It's alive, like music should be."]

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