Links to guitar- and music-related WeB RiNg!S
ARTIST-Related WebRings

Jeff Buckley WebRing—The ring of Jeff Buckley... for fans of this amazing musician. All pages with Buckley content are welcome. As of November 2002, I became “RingMaster” of this ring. Wahoo...

Gunshot Glitter—A Jeff Buckley web ring, to help jeff buckley fan sites be easily found. If your page contains any content on Jeff Buckley please submit it!

Brian Wilson WebRing—This is the most succesful Brian Wilson/Beach Boys webring on the internet in terms of the number of hits received by sites in the ring. The webring is a tribute to one of the all-time geniuses of popular music and music that he wrote, sang, produced and inspired.

GUITAR-Related WebRings

The Jazz Guitar Ring—The Jazz Guitar Ring consists of sites of interest to players and fans of the jazz and blues guitar and jazz guitar music lovers. You will also find related topics, such as guitar maintenance, amps, jazz theory, transcriptions and lessons. Be sure to visit!

Thumb and Finger Style Guitar WebRing—Sites of interest to guitar, thumb and fingerstyle.

Bluegrass / Acoustic Music WebRing—Dedicated to the promotion of Bluegrass and Acoustic music. The Bluegrass & Acoustic Web Ring is open to musicians, fans, instrument makers, and venues of Bluegrass and Acoustic music.

Line 6 Fans' WebRing—A collection of websites featuring the beloved Flextone, AX2, Spider and POD.

The Yngwie Malmsteen WebRing—Another ring I'm “RingMaster” of... If you have a fan page with Yngwie J. Malmsteen content, then you belong in this ring.

The Shred NetRing—This NetRing links together sites dedicated to specific shred or otherwise virtuoso guitar players or with content about these artists. It has nothing to do with skating or paper shredding! :-)


Support the Indies WebRing—Help Indie artists from being squashed by the big league music industry! Support the Indie Artists who offer their gift of music to the world. Thank you!

IndieRing WebRing—Musicians, indie fans, bands, zines, writers, poets, etc...

The MuseNote WebRing—This web ring is intended to be another tool for songwriters to find sites that are most useful to them and to spread the word about the growing number of new songwriting resource web sites popping up all the time, all over the world.

Opossum Sally's Independent Music WebRing—This webring is for independent music sites of all types. All that support the music community and all musicians are welcome to join.


The Home Recording WebRing—Welcome to the Home Recording WebRing, a group of Web sites all about home and project studio recording and mixing (generally of music). It's for people interested in using 4-track and 8-track cassette and minidisk recorders, DATs, ADATs, digital recorders (both hard-disk and computer based), and so on. If you're a musician and you want to learn how to make your own tapes, MP3s, and CDs, you've come to the right place!

Ultra-Fi WebRing —Another ring I'm “RingMaster” of... The Ultra-Fi webring is dedicated to unique, deeply personal, extreme, and even bizarre expressions of audio reproduction. Special emphasis is placed on DIY and homebrew vacuum tube amplifiers, speakers, and other equipment, and the collection and restoration of classic analog recordings. If your idea of "high fidelity" is THX-certified and purchased at the local audio salon, this is NOT the ring for you.

The Official IRC #Ska WebRing—Another ring I'm “RingMaster” of... This is the best SKA webring on the net! Visit the OFFICIAL bands sites of The Specials, Mustard Plug, Buck-O-Nine, The Aquabats, Skavoovie & The Epitones, and more...over 400 sites!!Check outtheWeekly Top 10 sites, Ska Site of the Week, and listen to 10 full length CD's in Real Audio format while surfing the ring.

The Art Music WebRing—The Art Music Web Ring contains sites that deal with Music History, Theory, Performance, and Education. This Ring may include pages on composers, genres of Classical Music, specific instruments, teaching of instruments, voice, choral, orchestral, or other musical media under the umbrella of CLASSICAL MUSIC in Western culture.

The Music Education WebRing—Music education related web sites of all types. Content, discussions, resources, lesson plans, games, interactive lessons, jokes, theory, instrument specific, ALL kinds! EXCEPT for purely commerial sites.


Internet Radio Stations WebRing—A Webring for all internet Radio stations to list their stations Page, and streaming audio, plus their own websites.

Web Jukebox WebRing—The ring of web music. Bands and Artists, Lyrics, MIDI, MP3, RealAudio, Software, and WAV.

The Real Audio Rock WebRing—This is a collection of sites which contain ROCK MUSIC sounds in REAL AUDIO or REAL VIDEO.If you have ROCK MUSIC sounds in REAL AUDIO or REAL VIDEO format we want your site here.

The Real Audio Music WebRing—About this Ring This Webring Features Metal, Rock, Pop Rock, Alternative, Disco, Country, And R & B Sites, Come Visit Us And See Some Great Sites, Any Real Audio Site Featuring The Above Mentioned Formats May Join.

Real Audio Ring—The biggest and best Real Audio webring. A web ring for any site with sounds in Real Audio format. If your site has RealAudio files of music, TV, movie clips, whatever, this is for you. Don't be fooled by the lame copycats who try to imitate. This is the Real Audio Ring for any type of music or any Real Audio sounds.


11 September, 2001 WebRing—Websites containing information about the attack on the World Trade Center, Pentagon, and other US targets, or websites with memorials to the victims of those attacks.

USA Pride WebRing—If you have pride in your country or support the USA in any way following the cowardly terrorist attacks on the Pentagon and World Trade Centers September 11, 2001, join us. The topic of your site isn't terribly important, so long as it's family-friendly and NOT anti-USA but all 9/11/01 TRIBUTE pages are guaranteed admission.

The Merry Christmas WebRing—The Merry Christmas Web Ring, like the Holiday, is for everyone of all ages, races and nationalities. All sites with Christmas content are encouraged to join this ring. Commercial sites are not being considered for this ring.