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 27 January, 2004


  • The First INTIMATE AUDIO CD, Available NOW!
  • CONTESTS Page Now Activated!
  • More AUDIO UPLOAD Additions!
  • More LINKS Added!
  • Current Issue of Guitar One on Newsstands!
 The First INTIMATE AUDIO CD, Available NOW!

When I launched INTIMATE AUDIO back in July of 2001, my primary mission was to create an environment where fans of intimate musical recordings could not only learn more about established artists like Jeff Buckley, John Frusciante, Syd Barrett, Nick Drake, Elliott Smith, Ani DiFranco, and Jimmy Gnecco (from OURS), among others, but also check out the works of independent musicians they might not otherwise have the opportunity to hear (via AUDIO UPLOAD). Given the nature of self-accompanying singer-songwriters like Buckley, Frusciante, Smith, Drake, etc., and the fact that this site caters largely to guitar players, much of INTIMATE AUDIO's content has emphasized raw solo acoustic recordings. Well... What would be more fitting for a first release on the INTIMATE AUDIO label than a "live" acoustic guitar/vocal recording, tracked on stellar equipment in the privacy of one's own home (with barely any reverb added, minimal editing, etc.)? Add to that the fact that this particular recording was never really intended for people to hear in the first place, and you have a taste of what INTIMATE AUDIO is all about.

With that said, I invite you to audition INTIMATE AUDIO's inaugural CD offering, Interpretations—a disc of 10 unique cover arrangements (all classic songs from the '60s and '70s) I recorded waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in December 2000, originally only as a Christmas gift for my mother, Carol. The full story (why the CD exists, how it was recorded, notes on the arrangements, etc.) and MP3/Real Audio soundclips can be found here:

INTERPRETATIONS - An intimate recording of solo arrangements for acoustic guitar and voice

 1. “Bohemian Rhapsody” 6:03
 2. “God Only Knows” 2:39
 3. “Blackbird” 2:28
 4. “Sweet Baby James” 3:52
 5. “Hallelujah” 6:28
 6. “She’s Always a Woman” 3:08
 7. “Leader of the Band” 4:17
 8. “Sister Golden Hair” 2:53
 9. “Castles Made of Sand” 3:12
 10. “Coconut” 3:44

Total playing time: 39:03
All songs used by permission. All rights reserved. 

CD dedicated to my mother, Jeff Buckley, and a few of my friends.

The disc is available direct for $12.50 (price includes U.S. shipping!); all major credit cards are accepted and orders are 100% secure. The CD is also available through CDBaby and Guitar Nine Records, among others. If you check it out (thank you!), feel free to let me know what you think! All forms of feedback are appreciated :)

 CONTESTS Page Now Activated!

After years of dormancy, I've finally activated the CONTESTS section of this site. Over there, you'll find what just might be the nuttiest, one-of-a-kind contest in cyberspace: Guess the Guitar Celebrity's Laughter!

Lemme 'splain...

As some of you may know, to date, I've had the supreme pleasure of interviewing well over 100 world renowned guitar players, many of whom have served as enduring inspirations for yours truly! Well, ALL of these interviews still exist on tape. Needless to say, in almost every case, the interview content that made it to print is but a fraction of the actual conversation/chain of events that occurred that day :)

In this contest, you will have the opportunity to hear short excerpts of these never-before-heard interview tapes—portions in which the guitar celebrity is laughing (from subtle grunts, to downright hysterical squeals)! These will be world-famous pickers that most of you will surely know. You guess the laughter, you win a free copy of Intimate Audio's debut CD, Interpretations. Sound simple? Maybe not, but it sure as heck will be fun :) Click the link below for the full skinny:


 More AUDIO UPLOAD Additions!

Over the past month, a few more music-making wunderkinds have uploaded their precious MP3s in AUDIO UPLOAD land :) Believe it or not, this site now houses the music of OVER 75 different self-produced artists!! Hopefully, with the recent demise of, some more indie oddballs will find their way over here. I've recently increased my server space, so (for the moment), the sky's the limit! (I'll also be able to pull select tracks out of that annoying Yahoo Briefcase setup, which has worked as a nice MP3 storage reserve, soon.) Anyways... Take in an earful of this month's newly uploaded tunes (mostly in the "modern rock" category) by following the links below, and read a few samples of "listener feedback" folks have provided some of them. (More people can always post comments, y'know!!!)


MONKEY III "Alright.... This stuff freakin' RULES! This is a band with balls, tone, groove.... Imagine what an all-instrumental version of vintage Soundgarden and/or Tool might sound like, with (as they've been dubbed by the European press) a 'stoner rock' edge. I have their self-titled CD and crank the whole thing whenever the mood strikes me—which is quite often! Very impressive stuff. Boris, their guitar player and riff master (whom I know personally), is a TOTAL badass. I can't recommend this stuff enough! These guys are specialists of great, epic (this track's over eight minutes long), heavy instrumentals."

BUD HEAVY (Trevor Mortensen, a.k.a. "Bucketbot") "I really dig your songs, buck-o-botness!! I particularly like the way the electric bass and guitar interact in different harmonies at a lot of points in the riffs going on! The vocals were cool too--kinda Cornell meets that dude in Staind. Is that bad to say? It's supposed to be complimentary. Anyways, rockin' stuff!"

TERRY VEZINA "Man, I gotta create a 'Classic Rock' category, or something, because this cat definitely nails the vibe! With 'Sweetest Mystery,' long time uploader Terry Vezina shares with us yet another tasty track (great chord changes and keyboard work, supporting a nice melody—with gal-inspired lyrics!). This one also features a great lead, courtesy of the Flying-V-wielding axeman!!! Fans of '70s flavored rock (and that era's guitar stylists) will totally dig this!"


DISCHORD (Awaiting listener feedback...)


NI CROWE (Awaiting listener feedback...)

SEVEN WORLDS (Awaiting listener feedback...)

COREY HILL (Awaiting listener feedback...)

Please do all these remarkable artists (and the 70+ others) the favor of letting them know what you think of their tunes by blasting them with FEEDBACK on this site's message board. Thanks a lot!!

 More LINKS Added!

Over this past month, I've added a ZILLION links to this site's LINKS page. Most of the newbies are confined to these three pages:


 Current Issue of Guitar One (March 2004) on Newsstands!

(New Guitar One Features/Departments/Columns written by Dale Turner)

Ya like chords? Look no further than studying them via chord king, Ted Greene. His books (Chord Chemistry, Modern Chord Progressions, Single-Note Soloing Vol I, and Single-Note Soloing Vol. II) have been indispensable for decades. I was lucky enough to get to pick his brain for this issue! He's the coolest (and greatest) there is :) A very inspiring cat! (To cop some of his lingo.)

Well, with all that said... I hope everyone's New Year is off to a safe and sane start! So far so good on this end... thanks very much for checking back into this li'l region of cyberspace. It is appreciated! :)

—Dale Turner


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Week of December 10, 2003

* Xenia Accomplishes Two Single Dance Songs

* Har-Bal Helps MCA Recording Artist Tameko Star Take The Indie Route

* CD Baby And Tower Records Partner

* CNET Networks Announces Strategy To Serve Music Fans And The Independent Artist Community

* Court Grants NYU's Demand For The Bottom Line's Eviction

* Touring For A Living: Help Your Artists Get The Mo From The Road NARIP

* NAMM's 2nd Annual International Fastest Drummer Contest

Xenia Accomplishes Two Single Dance Songs

A recently launched web site is posting Xenia's exclusive blended sounds in two downloadable single releases that each define a style of music as best described as "techno-pop," a combination of synthesizers with a hip of pop and dance. Xenia's music is distinct and her voice puts a spin to dance music.

"Dance With Me," Xenia's first single is about a need of a boyfriend's company as a girlfriend misses dancing and conversing with her boyfriend. The song says plenty about the affection the girlfriend has over the boyfriend.

"Prodigy," Xenia's second release, is about the artist's beat having something extraordinary or inexplicable come to life. A sound used in making of the song generated by a synth resembles a guitar. The same sound is blended with dance beats to bring out the charm.

Through Xenia's web site, the releases can heard and listeners can take advantage of a distinctive approach in securely purchasing downloadables, at reasonable pricing, through Now, buying downloadable music has never being easier using this collaborative site.

Har-Bal Helps MCA Recording Artist Tameko Star Take The Indie Route

"I'm no sound engineer, but after running my tracks through Har-Bal, I can actually hear how dramatically the sound quality improved."

December 2003 - Atlanta, GA - Tameko Star is no stranger to success. As the lead singer for dance-pop trio Livin' Joy, she was responsible for their first #1 hit in the U.K. "Dreamer" 1994, followed by their #5 single "Don't Stop Movin'." Her early success drew the attention of MCA Europe that quickly signed the group, which spawned numerous top ten hits while wowing audiences worldwide with her dynamic stage performances.

But as she strikes out solo on her upcoming album, Tameko wants to retain control over its production and quality. "I enjoy the creative control I have now," she told Music2Showcase in a recent interview. "I know what I want my music to sound like and there's no middleman." So it was no surprise that she turned to Har-Bal (Harmonic Balancer), a powerful mastering equalization system, to optimize the sound quality of her music.

"I don't have to take my product to a high-end studio to be mastered anymore," explained Tameko. "Studio engineers charge thousands of dollars while the Har-Bal application offers the same benefits at a fraction of the cost. And it's allowed me to master my songs in my own home studio while achieving that high-end studio sound."

But while cost was an important consideration in Tameko's choice Har-Bal ("there are plenty of high-end hardware devices available, but they cost a fortune"), the difference it made in her music was the real clincher. Har-Bal is the first of its kind software that introduces a new process of Harmonically Balancing recorded music. The software allows users to create original and re-mastered recordings that sound absolutely incredible.

"I'm no sound engineer, but after running my tracks through Har-Bal, I can actually hear how dramatically the sound quality improved. And Har-Bal is different in that it allows me to visually see any errors in the song and make immediate corrections."

"Feel Good" (Tameko Star): Before x After
"Beginning Of The Week" (Tameko Star): Before x After

"For example, I am able to now increase the volume of my songs when I am playing them with no distortion. The bass area on my tracks sounds super tight and that is very important to me because I like to play my music loud!"

Tameko's self-titled album is scheduled for release in the spring of 2004. Tameko Star can be reached at

Har-Bal is a New and Novel Approach By obtaining the right spectral balance when mastering a sound recording, Har-Bal merges the existing technologies of linear phase digital filtering with spectral analysis to provide an unprecedented level of control over the spectral balance of a recording. You can download a demo version of Har-Bal.

CD Baby And Tower Records Partner

The top online retailer of independent music, CD Baby, recently inked a deal with Tower Records, the 43-year-old Sacramento, California-based chain known for their deep catalog and vast selection of obscure and popular titles.

The deal will allow, Tower Records' online commerce site, to offer CD Baby's 50,000 independent titles for sale to its consumers, making the largest retailer of independent music on the web.

"We're very excited to work with a company as well renowned in the music industry as Tower Records," says CD Baby President and owner Derek Sivers. "Many amazing artists are shunning record labels, choosing to self-release their music directly to fans. By going through CD Baby and now Tower, their music is getting the distribution it deserves, while still leaving the musician in control of their work."

CNET Networks Announces Strategy To Serve Music Fans And The Independent Artist Community

CNET Networks, Inc. announced its strategy to serve the needs of music fans and the independent artist community. The Company is planning two upcoming music site launches: a free independent artist upload/download site that will be featured on CNET starting in early 2004, and the re-launch of as a comprehensive music information site shortly thereafter.

The music upload/download site that will be featured on CNET, the world's largest download library, will serve the needs of the independent artist community and its fans. Music fans will be able to easily find their favorite artists and music types, and sample songs for free. Independent artists were notified last week that they should copy and hold their music files for transfer to the new site, and turn to between now and its launch for updates.

When CNET Networks re-launches next year, it will address the increasing demand for a central information resource focused on music, leveraging CNET Networks' strength as a premier provider of innovative, interactive content. The emergence of digital music on the Internet is changing the music landscape, impacting fans, artists, and the music industry.

Court Grants NYU's Demand For The Bottom Line's Eviction

Today is a dark day for the arts in the City of New York. Despite the protests of artists and citizens throughout the world, the court has granted New York University's demand for the eviction of The Bottom Line. As a result of NYU's action, the music that has played for nearly 30 years at 15 West 4th Street will soon be silenced.

Since June, we have presented New York University with numerous proposals in the hopes that this day would never come. As recent as two weeks ago we sent a counterproposal to the onerous terms which NYU submitted to us; alas, they never had the courtesy to respond. Indeed, just last week the judge offered to mediate a resolution between NYU and The Bottom Line. Sadly each and every one of these solutions has either been ignored or rejected by NYU.

Over the last month many concerned private and corporate citizens including: Sirius Satellite Radio, Bruce Springsteen, Mel Karmazin, Richard Wissack and AT&T have all offered financial commitments to help demonstrate to NYU that they were the custodians of something much more valuable than a piece of "undervalued real estate." In fact, in a cultural and historic sense this piece of real estate might be the most valuable property in their portfolio.

Touring For A Living: Help Your Artists Get The Mo From The Road NARIP

Workshop with Chris Arnstein
Saturday, January 10th, 2004
Beverly Garland Hotel (Beverly Garland Theater)
4222 Vineland Avenue, Studio City, CA 91604
9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Paul McCartney, Phish, The Temptations, B.B. King, the Pointer Sisters, Jimmy Buffett. Record sales may not be huge in recent years, yet some have set income records by touring.

Your clients can tour successfully, too!

Learn the tips and tricks of the big acts, and get all the info used by mid-line artists, newly signed artists, and indie artists who are making the most of touring opportunities. Plus, learn the best ways to turn concerts into CD sales!

This NARIP workshop will also cover:

* Success for acts in all career phases and stages
* When and why to go on the road
* Identifying target demographics
* Reaching your acts' ideal audiences
* Who handles what on a tour
* Different career options for different types of artists
* Touring with or without a record deal
* Planning and budgeting tours

NAMM's 2nd Annual International Fastest Drummer Contest

NAMM International announces its second annual quest to find the 'World's Fastest Drummer'. This highly charged Interactive Event will be a feature at this year's NAMM Winter Session in Anaheim, Ca. The contest, which consist of two categories, Fastest Hands and Fastest Feet starting at 11:00am Thursday, January 15th, with "heats" continuing through Friday and Saturday until 4.00pm. The top ten Fastest Hands and top ten Fastest Feet will compete in a 'Finals Battle' of both categories held on NAMM'S main outside stage at 1:00pm Sunday, January 18th.

Included in this year's event will be technical demonstrations, insight sessions and appearances by WFD Champions Mike Mangini, Art Verdi, Johnny Rabb, Tim Waterson and Jotan Afanador. "To see these guys go at it, full throttle, smooth as silk with their hands and feet moving over 18 times per second for an entire minute is simply an amazing work of technical proficiency." Says Boo McAfee, co-founder of Extreme Sport Drumming.

Provided by the MusicDish Network. Copyright © Tag It 2003 - Republished with Permission