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 29 February, 2004


  • PsYcHo LiCkS Nabs "Best Instructional Site" Award!
  • More AUDIO UPLOAD Additions!
  • Current Issue of Guitar One on Newsstands!

First off, let me say that I'm thankful that some people are referring to Intimate Audio's debut CD, INTERPRETATIONS, as "brilliant," "fantastic," "lots of fun," and full of "very nice acoustic playing." That means a lot! One respected musician actually went so far as to praise the disc's 10 quirky performances for their "artistic integrity, highly evolved musicianship, subtle nuances, complexities & instrumental & vocal gymnastics," giving kudos for my "sheer audacity to even attempt to single-handedly take on such multi-faceted pieces." I reckon that makes me a happy camper!!

As for the album's somewhat ridiculous opener—an ultra edgy solo rendition of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody"—those who've braved its epic six-plus minutes have stated that the track "kicks ass," its "operatic section made me giggle," and "my gut was splitting from laughing." Another survivor of the listening experience commented that "You do things with your voice & guitar that I would not think anyone would be able to do."

Of course, "Bohemian Rhapsody" is only the first song. Rest assured, many of the disc's sillier moments ("Coconut," "Blackbird," "Castles Made of Sand") are balanced out by extremely serious plucking and vocalizing ("God Only Knows," "Hallelujah," "Leader of the Band," "Sweet Baby James," etc.). Please check out some of the soundclips on the disc's "plug" page and let me know what you think :) Oh yeah! I should add that, since the CD became available last month, I've since added soundclips for ALL 10 tracks featured on the disc.

Finally, in addition to being available through Intimate Audio, CD Baby, and Guitar9 Records, INTERPRETATIONS is now available through Tower Records Online. All information is available on the page linked below:

INTERPRETATIONS - An intimate recording of solo arrangements for acoustic guitar and voice

You can also try your hand at winning a FREE COPY of the disc through this site's newly-launched contest, GUESS THE GUITAR CELEBRITY LAUGHTER!

 PsYcHo LiCkS Nabs "Best Instructional Site" Award!

Believe it or not, the two-and-a-half years worth of 100% FREE online guitar lessons known as PsYcHo LiCkS has just been honored with a "Best Instructional Site Award" from's "Rockin' the Web" awards. (That site is hosted by axe-wielding wunderkind, and ace instructional author, Troy Stetina!) For the curious, here's each rewarded site's criteria:

"Rockin' the Web awards identify outstanding guitar and music websites. We consider the elements of website design, usability and above all, content. Hand picked and judged by our own team, only the best get to sport these rockin' awards!"

Pretty cool, eh? If you add up all the stuff on PsYcHo LiCkS, there are actually OVER 40 different lessons over in that neck of the woods—from fingerstyle acoustic and tasteful Hendrix rhythms, to funk, jazz, and the most sickening shred licks. Wanna give your chops a little revamp in almost any style? Consider cruising back over there, if you haven't lately. I'll toss some new stuff up there shortly...

 More AUDIO UPLOAD Additions!

Over the past month, a TON of new artists have found their way over to AUDIO UPLOAD land and uploaded MP3s of their precious works! Believe it or not, this site now houses the music of 85 different self-produced artists!! To earball some of this month's newly uploaded tunes, follow the links below. To get a clue about what some of these new artists are about, I've included a few samples of "listener feedback" folks have provided some of them:


PEPE MAINA "This is extremely well-done instrumental music, in an almost world/ambient' vein. As far as I can tell, it's entirely played by multi-instrumentalist Pepe Maina. At times, this piece is reminiscent of a great instrumental outfit I used to love called Special EFX, which featured great guitarist Chieli Minucci. Pepe's guitar work shines equally bright in the closing moments of this track. Check him out!!"


ASHUR RAYIS "Another surprisingly haunting song by a pretty darned young picker! This guy's only 15.... Pretty dark, raw, acoustic guitar + vocal track. I think he chose some interesting two- and three-note voicings to propel this song... And his time feel is VERY good for a young player. I only wish he used a 'pop screen' to filter out the the 'peeees, teeeees,' and stuff, but we all know how that goes! Let's see what other stuff he comes up with down the road."


PROJECT LO-FI "I've been a big fan of Sean Brokenshire's stuff since I first heard his work through the 'John Frusciante' contest, which Froosh ran on his official site a couple years back. The track Sean's uploaded for our listening pleasure, 'Slow Down,' is an ethereal, Radiohead-esque song supported expertly by Sean's acoustic strumming—GREAT chords!! The backing track is excellent; really nice, textural drum programming (or loops), all washed with some great backround vocal lines. I also dig the doubletracked approach with the lead vocal—alternating vocal phrases between separately tracked vocals, so they overlap. Fans of moody, intimate rock NEED to check Project- Lo-Fi out!!"

KEVIN TAYLOR (SCHMANGE) (Awaiting listener feedback...)

THE ONOLATRY (Awaiting listener feedback...)


EMPTY SPACES (Awaiting listener feedback...)

GRIM REALITY (Awaiting listener feedback...)


P.R. DONNELLY (Awaiting listener feedback...)


DAN WALDMAN (Awaiting listener feedback...)


ETNIC (Awaiting listener feedback...)

Please do all these remarkable artists (and the 80+ others) the favor of letting them know what you think of their tunes by blasting them with FEEDBACK on this site's message board. Thanks a lot!!

 Current Issue of Guitar One (April 2004) on Newsstands!

(New Guitar One Features/Departments/Columns written by Dale Turner)

  • Guitar School: Interview/Lesson w/Dimebag Darrell!
  • Opening Axe: Under the Influence w/Steve Morse!
  • Now & Then: Interview w/Bruce Kulick (ex-KISS)!


Well, I reckon that sounds pretty darned bargain like :) With all that said... I hope everyone's having a great "Leap Year Day," or whatever it's called. Thanks for reading :)

—Dale Turner


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May 3, 2004 Edition

* "Alida" - The Game on a Guitar
* RRadio Network's Survey 23
* Musical Magic From The Land Of The Rings
* Who's The UK's Most Played Artist?
* WCH Radio/Next Step Compilation CD Released
* Scoring Big With Music For Video Games
* AUSMUSIC International Music Business Conference
* Rise2Red, Gremlin UK And Kevin O'Hara
* Disc Makers IMWS Midwest Showcase Finalists
* Moby Donates Recording Equipment To Nursing Home

"Alida" - The Game on a Guitar

Got Game Entertainment announced "Alida" for Mac OSX will begin shipping to retail in May. The PC version will follow this July. The intricate first person 3D graphical adventure game created by Australian musician and artist Cos Russo is set on Alida, an abandoned island theme park ten miles out at sea.

Originally built and inhabited by a wildly successful rock band, the island is actually a gigantic guitar, replete with wondrous and ornate graphics, unique and bizarre locations.

When the band split up, Alida was abandoned. But, now, several years later, the band's manager suggests a reunion on Alida. Soon thereafter band member Arin leaves for the island and is not heard from again. Players must search the island for the missing musician and bring him home.

"I wanted to combine my love of music and games and so 'Alida' was born," said Russo. "I believe I've created a game that is a total sensory experience from the soundtrack to the sound cues used in the puzzles - one of the true trademarks of the game - all within the context of the very idea of what it would be like to live inside a guitar."

Featuring clever and thought-provoking puzzles, all backed by an entrancing original music score, in their search for Arin, players will soon find themselves lost in "Alida".


Over 2,000 Listeners Responded To RRadio Network's Survey 23

The Audio Graphics network of independent online stations asked its audience for thoughts about online radio's biggest problem, how they are employed, and their influence in the purchase of office imaging equipment.

Questioned, "When listening to online radio, what do you consider to be the biggest problem?"...
- 23.5% of responsdents said it was "finding a good station."
- 20.4% reported "connection/buffering time"
- 15% labeled Signal dropouts

The next "biggest problem" was only mentioned by 8.6% of the crowd - unidentified songs.

As for those who are satisfied? 16.9% said "Everything is fine."

Respondents were also asked what they do for a living:
17.3% work in the technology sector
14.1% are professionals
8.7% report they are managers
8.5% are employed in the service industry
6.3% medical workers
5.3% professional support
5.2% work in retail, and
4.5% are in manufacturing
27.5% said they work in a category "other than" was listed.

With its ability to target specific qualities, Survey 23 looked at the influence carried by the online radio audience when it comes to purchasing office imaging equipment.

Although 49.2% report a decision like that was totally out of their hands, 26.9% claim to "make the decision" or "share that decision." Another 17.7% said they were asked for their opinion, indicating companies that make scanners, printers, and copy machines should look to online radio as an advertising vehicle.


City Canyons' David Steele - Musical Magic From The Land Of The Rings

City Canyons Records, an independent label based in Manhattan proudly announces the signing of a multi-album agreement with UK rocker, David Steele. Steele, whose album Underneath The Ice is being released early this fall under the City Canyons Records imprint, comes from a part of England--the village of Brill-- that inspired "Lord of the Rings" writer Tolkien, and Steele's lyrics are, indeed, at times darkly magical.

But that's only part of the talented young Englishman's story. While his tunes can be intense and haunting, as epitomized by the aptly titled "Ghost," they can also thrillingly soar as does, for example, "Rise Up". Whatever their mood, Steele's self-penned songs are firmly rooted in reality, reflecting the hopes, the despair, the yearning in all of us. And even at their darkest, Steele's music is never chilly. His voice is warm and intimate--somewhere between Sting and Bono--and wherever he takes you with his music, he's with you every step of the way.

That music, featuring Steele's own superb guitar work, is distinctive, utterly his own, but if one were forced to make comparisons, one could put him somewhere between Coldplay and David Grey and be in the ballpark. Steele has been on the verge of the musical stardom for years, having played out regularly in the Oxford area and in London, and having toured with David Essex but this album is Steele's strong attempt to break through the ice and bring him, through this City Canyons' release, the kind of attention that his musical and songwriting ability deserves.

George Michael Revealed As Most Played Artist On British Radio

George Michael has been revealed as the artist to have most dominated the British radio airwaves during the last two decades. He picked up the PPL Award for the Most Played Artist on British Radio in the last 20 Years today at the Radio Academy's annual 'Music Radio' conference, before a music and radio industry audience in Central London.

The full Top 10 of most played artists
1. George Michael
2. Elton John
3. Robbie Williams
4. Kylie Minogue
5. Bryan Adams
6. Madonna
7. Phil Collins
8. Cliff Richard
9. Mick Hucknall
10. Paul McCartney

"I can't believe it. I've only made six albums in 22 years so I don't know how this happened. I'm the luckiest writer on earth," said George Michael on picking up his award.


WCH Radio/Next Step Compilation CD Released

WCH Radio in association with Next Step Promotions has released their 1st compilation CD. The CD features the music of 12 indie artists from around the world.

Bob Baker, author of the "Guerilla Music Marketing Handbook", says, "The WCH Radio compilation proves that independent music is alive and well. The 12 self-directed artists featured on these tracks have taken control of their careers and are creating great music. What an excellent collection!"

WCH Radio & Next Step CEO John O'Day stated that this has been a great project, with great artists from beginning to end, and would not have been the success it was without them.


Scoring Big With Music For Video Games

On Saturday, May 22, 2004, from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Los Angeles Music Productions (L*A*M*P), UCLA Extension for Entertainment Studies, and the Film Music Network will present "Scoring Big with Music for Video Games," featuring top composers, audio directors of major manufacturers of video games, games agents, and more! The event will be held at Cinespace, a trendy venue located at 6356 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90028.

The event will cover all major business, creative and technical aspects of this mysterious industry. Panelists and speakers include:
* Jeannie Novak, founder and CEO of and accomplished games author. She is currently establishing the first games development major at UCLA.
* Tommy Tallarico, CEO and founder of G.A.N.G., the Games Audio Network Guild. Tommy Tallarico has scored over 200 video games, and is one of the most famous games composers in the world.
* Bob Rice, CEO of Four Bars Intertainment (FBI), the world's largest music provider for the gaming industry. Four Bars Intertainment (FBI) represents some of the most talented music composers in the world.


AUSMUSIC Presents: International Music Business Conference

For any significant success and growth for Australian music product, we must look at increasing our music business interests overseas. The first step is information.

"Of the world's top ten music markets, only two saw growth - Australia was up 5.9% in value" and sale of mobile phone ringbones now account for 10% of all international music sales. The international music industry is changing and Australia's music industry must also change to capitalise on the current market.

From the logistics of building International music markets to the impact of the free trade deal upon local artists and business, AUSMUSIC'S International Music Business Conference will provide an important meeting place for everyone in and around the music industry.

Panels of practicing industry professionals covering a range of current industry topics and perspectives will provide information relevant to professionals and students of all levels.

Speakers include David Vodicka, (Rubber Records), Frank Rodi & Scot Morris (APRA,), the Dr Dick Letts (Music Council of Australia), Grant Gillies (Mushroom Publishing) and many others. Federal MP Chris Pearce and Steve Cross will deliver the opening Keynote Address on "The Importance of Music as a Social and Economic Force in our Society", from Remote Control Records along with perspectives from artists and consumers.


Rise2Red, Gremlin UK And Kevin O'Hara

Gremlin UK has joined with Rise2Red, a recording company with fresh views for the unsigned. Rise2Red is a new recording studio in Inverness, the Highlands of Scotland, close to Rail, Air and Coach terminals in the capital.

"Having been working in promotions and tour management, it seemed a natural decision to join up with a studio where expertise is the keyword"-Aaron Sneddon.

Rise2Red is headed by Graham Gillanders. Graham worked with the production/ writing team behind Atomic Kitten and OMD learning his trade from Andy McCluskey former OMD front man and Atomic Kitten creator with over 55million record sales to his name. Graham has moved studio from London to Inverness but liases directly with Andy on all recordings carried out at the new studio , and with it he should bring on a great change, and challenge, to the music industry Scotland, and indeed the UK.

Now working to bring talent and culture to the Scottish Highlands, the studio has found its first potential chart topper-locally. Kevin O'Hara, vocalist, instrumentalist and,director of Gremlin UK, has been working with Graham to produce a single which touches every heart that listens to his haunting voice.

"It felt the right thing to do, with the new studio, and Kevin's vocal and instrumental experience, we know we can make a hit"- Aaron Sneddon.


Disc Makers Announces Six Finalists For The 2004 IMWS Midwest Showcase

Disc Makers, the nation's leading independent CD and DVD manufacturer, has announced the six finalists for the Independent Music World Series (IMWS) Midwest showcase. From over 1,000 submissions, TAXI, the industry's leading A&R company, selected 100 semifinalists. From this list, the editors of Billboard magazine selected the six finalists who will perform at the IMWS Midwest showcase event.

The artists chosen to compete for over $35,000 in music gear and prizes are: the Full Flava Kings (Tulsa, OK), Nadir (Westland, MI), Rebel's Advocate (Iowa City, IA), Shipwreck Union (Grosse Pointe Farms, MI), The Etiquette (Milwaukee, WI), and The Its (Chicago, IL). The IMWS Midwest Showcase will take place on May 13th at The Elbo Room in Chicago.

"Independent artists keep the music industry energized and thriving," says Tony van Veen, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Disc Makers. "The IMWS is one of the ways we at Disc Makers recognize their talent and effort, and reward the artists for their hard work. The IMWS gives indie artists the opportunity to network with industry pros who can help them expose their music to an even wider audience. We are delighted to again join forces with our sponsors to support independent musicians in the Midwest."


Multi Platinum Recording Artist Moby Donates Recording Equipment To Nursing Home

The Institute for Music and Neurologic Function (IMNF) at Beth Abraham Health Services, a skilled nursing facility and rehabilitation center, announces the grand opening of the Music Has Power Club Recording Studio. With the support of music therapists, this studio provides a medium for creativity and rehabilitation. Using equipment ranging from electronic drums to devices that translate movement to sound, patients have the opportunity to advance their physical, cognitive, and emotional goals through composition, performance and self-expression.

According to renowned music therapist and Director of the Institute, Dr. Concetta Tomaino, "With the addition of the recording studio, we've been able to assist patients in many areas, from recovering speech to regaining physical function." Adding, "through the commitment of people like Moby, we are able to further our mission by expanding our services to include a recording studio dedicated to awaken hidden creative talent, while meeting rehabilitation goals through an innovative approach."

Well-known pop recording artist Moby joined the Institute board in 2003, after visiting Beth Abraham and observing the work firsthand. Realizing that he could make a difference, he immediately arranged to donate recording equipment that he no longer needed. "I am gratified to see the work of the Institute expanding, and proud to have been able to make a difference," says Moby. "The work that is being done at Beth Abraham is remarkable."


Provided by the MusicDish Network. Copyright © Tag It 2004 - Republished with Permission