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 7 July, 2004


  • Guess the Guitar Celebrity (CONTEST RESET)!
  • August 2004 Issue of Guitar One on Newsstands!
  • More AUDIO UPLOAD Additions!
  • HOT LINK Alert!
 Guess the Guitar Celebrity (CONTEST RESET)!

After months of (sadly) incorrect guesses (ranging from Brian May to Yngwie Malmsteen), I've finally reset the Guess the Guitar Celebrity's Laughter! section of this site. Feel free to surf on over to ye olde CONTESTS page, if you feel the need to partake in the nuttiest, one-of-a-kind guessing game in cyberspace!

REMINDER: In this contest you get to hear short excerpts of never-before-heard interview tapes culled from my collection—portions where a guitar celebrity is laughing (from subtle grunts, to downright hysterical squeals)! These are all world-famous pickers most of you will already know... {Hint: Consult THIS LIST to view all possible candidates.) You guess the laughter, you win a free copy of Intimate Audio's debut CD, Interpretations—an intimate recording of solo arrangements for acoustic guitar and voice. The disc features 10 inventive versions of cover songs, ranging from Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" and the Beach Boys' "God Only Knows," to Jimi Hendrix's "Castles Made of Sand" and Harry Nilsson's "Coconut." If you win a copy, please let me know what you think!

By now, you're probably wondering who the fleet-fingered phenom chosen for this contest's first installment actually was. (Drum roll please...............)

'Twas the inimitable ACE FREHLEY!!!

 August 2004 Issue of Guitar One on Newsstands!

(New Guitar One Features/Departments/Columns written by Dale Turner)

Dig blues, but don't have any suitable rhythm guitar goodies under your belt? And what the heck do you do when garden-variety "boogie patterns" don't work, 'cause the tune's tempo is too darned slow? Hint: Read this issue's SLOW BLUES lesson to find out! Chock full of guitaristic goodies that will (hopefully) provide you with eeeeons of accompanimental bliss!

 More AUDIO UPLOAD Additions!

Over the past month, several new artists have ventured into AUDIO UPLOAD land, bestowing to us some MP3s of their stunning original music! That brings this site's overall artist count to well over 100!!! To sample some of this month's newly uploaded tunes, follow the links below. I've included a few samples of "listener feedback" some folks have been kind enough to provide:


EQUATER "Whoa.... This is one trippy tune! Starts off, to my ears, with a trippy '60s era rock vibe... Somewhat reminiscent of The Who...meets Donovan? I dunno, but this stuff is really great—a perfect balance between intricate and hook laden, all super creative!! Then there's a whole AWESOME Brian May inspired, instrumental bridge in the middle... Jeepers! How in the heck can there be NOTHING on the 'net about these guys? I would buy a disc of this stuff in a second! It seems some of the players have done loads of work as arrangers and instrumentalists on assorted projects... I GOTTA find out more!"


STEVE SOBELMAN "Cool tuneski!!!! Great story, super tasty, REAL groove with REAL instruments, in a quasi jazz vein (somewhat of the Van Morrison 'Moondance' ilk). You got upright bass, great jazz piano comping, block chording on a clean-tone Les Paul (I think?), and tasty single-note fills, all supported by an AWESOMELY recorded drum sound! Sobelman's vocal delivery is also somewhat reminiscent of tripped out Billy Joel, in the song 'You May Be Right,' to my ears. (Or maybe some other Joel gem?) I'm just tossing out that remark for a little reference! Long live today's troubadours—'specially geet-pickin' vocalists like the witty Steve Sobelman! Check this cat out!!"

MATT DILL "Though it's (as Matt mentions in his song description) recorded with a little mic directly into his computer (hence the un-grounded hum throughout), this is a really nice song—lyrically, melodically, and then some! I didn't realize Matt had only been playing guitar for eight months at the time he recorded this. You'll be surprised! Not "flashy" stuff, just great, tasteful, rock solid acoustic accompaniment, with tasty voicings used throughout. Very promising on all fronts, this lad is!"


GABRIEL AULAGA "Interesting modal chanting over a droning backdrop, comprising organ sounds and reverb-drenched, miscellaneous ambience. At the two minute mark, this song really takes off though, with doubletracked vocals and percussion entering the picture. I really dig the way this song builds to a climax with the entrance of electric guitars. Great example of introducing musical themes in a minimalist style, then enhancing the listener's experience through clever orchestration. Check it out!"


BRENT CRAIG "This is a solo electric guitar performance of one of Brent's crushing metal riffs. Cool, balls-y delivery, with a great crunch tone. Brent will improve by leaps and bounds, once he starts playing regularly with other musicians. For instance, a lot of people fairly new to geetar picking often construct riffs that would be pretty difficult to follow, timing wise, for another musician—playing along with a drummer, etc. Hence the time fluctuations that occur throughout this. I know he'll easily be able to fix that though, once he starts jamming like a metal fiend! Some GREAT, well-known players had the exact same timing issues in their early days too. Keep going strong, Brett! You're kicking some metal arse!"


DROPZINES (Awaiting listener feedback...)

SCOTT SULLIVAN (Awaiting listener feedback...)


DEM SOUTHERN BOYZ (Awaiting listener feedback...)

Please do all these remarkable artists (and the 100+ others) the favor of letting them know what you think of their tunes by blasting them with FEEDBACK on this site's message board. Thanks a lot!!

 HOT LINK Alert!

Check out this hip, hot, and happening new fashion item, from a friend of


Lee Lucas, President of MirraBracelet, invented the MB purely by chance and out of necessity. A vocalist by trade, one night before going onstage with her band, Lee needed to check her look and lipstick—just to make sure she looked ok one more time! (This was a big show.) With no time to go to the ladies room, and her purse safely hidden (so there was no way to grab her compact), she was OUT OF LUCK! She thought, "I wish I could just flip my wrist and look in a mirror!" BAM! That's when it hit her: "That is a GREAT idea! I NEED THAT!" The next day, Lee set out to make a mirror she could wear on her wrist, that also looked cool! Today, many hours, days, weeks, miles, and prototypes later, she's created The MirraBracelet — The Mirror that You Wear! TM


Well, that's it for now... Thanks for taking the time to surf back into these here parts! Rest assured, we got more stuff coming 'round the corner soon, so please stay tuned!!

Take care,
Dale Turner


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June 29, 2004 Edition

* BuzzPlant Adds Digital Rights Management Services
* New Senate Bill Threatens Betamax Protection
* For The Good Of Music
* Coalition Calls For Radio Industry Changes
* Pillar's Almost 19,000 Units In First Week
* The Digital Media Consumers' Rights Act
* Coast Sound Radio Launches To Rave Revues
* Electronic Music Community Unites To Redefeat Bush
* More To Promoting Music Then The Internet
* Senator Dorgan On Concentration Of Broadcast Ownership
* Protest Of A Music Ban On Hip Hop And Foreign Music

BuzzPlant Adds Digital Rights Management Services

Acclaimed Internet marketing company, BuzzPlant has added Digital Rights Management to its long list of client services. By utilizing Microsoft's Windows Media DRM, BuzzPlant can encode timed-out downloads or limited play functionality to music. What this means, is that record labels and artists can now release full versions of songs online, and still retain complete control of how many times the song is played or how long a person can have it on their computer.

INO Records and Flicker Records are already using the technology with some of their new releases. Buzzplant can also capture important demographic data on people listening to the songs as well.

Additionally, BuzzPlant has added 2 more web designers to their team to enhance their web development offerings. Recent sites include,, .


New Senate Bill Threatens Betamax Protection

The Home Recording Rights Coalition today expressed deep concern over a new Senate bill, the "Inducing Infringement of Copyrights Act of 2004," that would impose copyright liability for any person for any activity "intentionally inducing" copyright infringement. HRRC called for a full hearing on the legislation.

HRRC said that the proposed bill, though not overtly aimed at devices and software, could be interpreted as giving copyright owners a veto over the introduction of almost any new technology for home and personal use, and thus effectively eviscerate the fundamental public policies and essential safeguards for technology developers that formed the basis of the Supreme Court's landmark 1984 Betamax ruling.

"We understand that this bill is aimed by its sponsors at multi-purpose on-line services, and how they might be abused. But it also covers all multi-purpose devices, software, and home networking products," said HRRC Chairman Gary Shapiro. "Every time entrepreneurs launch a new hardware, software, or home network product, this bill would seem to subject them to a jury trial about what they had in mind. This would chill the introduction of new technology and new products across a wide range of media. It merits full and careful consideration of all of its potential consequences."

In 1976, motion picture studios filed for a court injunction against the marketing of the first consumer VCR, or "video tape recorder." When the case reached the Supreme Court, the Court observed: "The request for an injunction ... indicates that [the studios] seek, in effect, to declare VTR's contraband." The Court refused to ban VCRs according to their use or terms of sale, observing: "It seems extraordinary to suggest that the Copyright Act confers upon all copyright owners collectively, much less the two [studios] in this case, the exclusive right to distribute VTR's simply because they may be used to infringe copyrights. That, however, is the logical implication of their claim."

Source: For The Good Of Music

Music is known to us all, even to those still in the womb. The first sound we ever hear is the strong and steady beat of Mom's heart. The quiet base sound of "bum-bum" "bum-bum" was so precious that we could not survive without its comforting sound. Where would our unborn little souls be if not for Mom's constant, pulsating music pumping into our veins? Mindless, compassionless, emotionless, and not to mention Rhythmless. Those qualities, unfortunantly ARE in the souls of people in the world today.

That is why Indie Radio Live has searched the earth for the only ones dedicated enough to save the musicless souls from a life of repetitious Noise brought to you by corporate radio. Not only should the lonely rhythm-challenged be saved, but the whole world should be kept harmoniously in Tune.

Who could we find that would possibly partake in this colossal task? They should be brave enough to stand up for the Indie music they believe in. Our heroes should be loyal to their Independent music Congregation of listeners, who's need in music is great. They should be dedicated to their Indie Bands/Artists who create everlasting harmony for the world. Above all else, their toes must tap, their head's should nod, their heart's should sing, and they should hear, feel and touch the Indie musical calling that only They could deliver to the world.


Coalition Calls For Radio Industry Changes

A Seattle-based coalition is calling for a host of changes to our nation's commercial and public radio landscape, including support for ownership limits, artists' rights, community media access, content diversity and local accountability.

Giving shape to widespread concerns about negative trends affecting the radio industry in recent decades, a coalition of music industry professionals, radio broadcasters and consumer advocates is releasing this week the Seattle Statement on Radio: a wide-ranging list of policy recommendations aimed at improving what the statement calls "the most local and ephemeral of our media, with a special ability to engage both our imagination and our sense of community."

The statement, on the web at, will be presented to the Federal Communication Commission in Portland on June 24, when Commissioners Michael Copps and Jonathan Adelstein are convening a public town meeting to solicit testimony on issues related to media ownership consolidation and local accountability.

The Seattle Statement's numerous recommendations bring together for the first time the concerns of distinct constituencies involved with radio. Industry employees, musicians, community media makers and democratic communications advocates took part in a two-day "Fixing Radio" forum in Seattle earlier this year, developing critiques of contemporary radio into concrete ideas for improvement. The statement released this week is the fruit of that effort.


Pillar's Almost 19,000 Units In First Week

Where Do We Go From Here, the new release from Dove Award-winning and best-selling rock group Pillar, had sales of almost 19,000 units during its first week of release, according to SoundScan. The project entered the Christian Overall sales chart at # 3 and Billboard's "Top 200" albums chart at # 74. In addition to retail success, the debut single from the project, "Bring Me Down," has been one of the most-added songs at the mainstream Active Rock format, and has seen three weeks at # 1 on Christian Rock radio.

Where Do We Go From Here repeats the production team that launched Fireproof to impressive success, with Travis Wyrick and Pillar jointly producing the album, and includes songs entirely written by Pillar. The band recently shot a video for "Bring Me Down" at the historic Tennessee State Penitentiary, which also served as the set for films such as The Green Mile and The Last Castle.

In 2004, Pillar has been incessantly active both on the road and at radio. The band will perform mainstage at 23 summer music festivals and recently headlined the 40-city "See Spot Rock" tour, bringing Pillar's total audience to over 2 million people since 2001. This fall, the band will headline the 40-city "Best Buy Presents: Where Do We Go From Here" tour with special guests Project 86 and subseven.


Judiciary Committee Statement On The Digital Media Consumers' Rights Act

House Judiciary Committee Chairman F. James Sensenbrenner, Jr. (R-Wis.), Ranking Member John Conyers, Jr. (D-Mich.), and Judiciary Courts, the Internet, and Intellectual Property Subcommittee Chairman Lamar S. Smith (R-Tex.) issued the following statement regarding H.R. 107, the Digital Media Consumers' Rights Act.

"We strongly oppose the substance of H.R. 107. This legislation would eviscerate a key provision of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA), which is successfully protecting copyrighted works and providing consumers access to more digital content than ever before. In fact, a DVD player is now as common a household item as the VCR was 15 years ago precisely because of the DMCA. H.R. 107 would undo a law that is working and destroy the careful balance in copyright law between consumers' rights and intellectual property rights.

"Furthermore, our strong objections to the substance of H.R. 107 are matched by our objections to what appears to be a bold jurisdictional power grab. The Judiciary Committee has - and has long had - exclusive jurisdiction over copyright law. Rest assured, we will wholeheartedly oppose this move in a bipartisan fashion, as we would expect Energy and Commerce Committee leaders to do if we attempted to write energy legislation."


Coast Sound Radio Launches To Rave Revues

CoastSound.Com, which has been promoting local music on the Mississippi Gulf Coast since 1999, has launced Coast Sound Radio to rave revues. Snackbar, the owner and now Operations Manager of Coast Sound has been a major part of the music scene in the south for over 5 years. "It was the only logical next step" he says. "We have been promoting local music for a long time and wanted to let the world hear the great unsigned artists of the world."

Snackbar, who is a radio dj by trade has taken his skills to the internet to form one of the tightest sounding radio stations you will find on the internet or the FM dial. "One thing that makes internet radio better, is that with the FCC crackdown in full force, internet radio stations don't have those same restrictions. Don't be surprised to see people like Howard Stearn turning to the internet."

Snackbar has been part of a hugh music scene in Biloxi, Mississippi, which has been called the next Seattle, that has helped launch the music careers of bands such as 3 Doors Down, 12 Stones and Atomship. In fact Snackbar was the person who turned Atomship on the the right people and got the ball rolling for them. "I hope to help as many artists as I can to achieve their musical goals, that is why I started Coast Sound, and now Coast Sound Radio to begin with."


Electronic Music Community Unites To Redefeat Bush

Members of the electronic music community are coming together and coming out to RedefeatBush. Recently noted artists BT, Ken Jordan from The Crystal Method, DJ Christopher Lawrence, Tweaker and Nine Inch Nails co-founder Chris Vrenna gathered to support The Committee to Redefeat the President /ReDefeatBush. com. The artists were photographed in RedefeatBush gear by noted photographer Kiino Villand in Hollywood. The photos will be used in RedefeatBush's upcoming merchandise catalog.

While at the photo shoot, several artists gave their opinions and reasons for supporting The Committee to Redefeat the President / Ken Jordan of the Crystal Method said "It was bad enough having this guy win the presidency without winning the election but he is invading countries, he lies to the country, and worst of all he is just neo-con puppet for the rich. We are doing everything we can to get out the vote and to support Kerry in November and ultimately we would like to have a President that knows how to read and pronounce 'nuclear'!"

Christopher Lawrence, one America's most popular DJs added, "I support The Committee to Redefeat the President / because, like the name says Bush lost the election, yet still became president. "George Bush has the worst record of any president in history for the annual deficit, the economy, international relations, the environment, unemployment, workers rights and civil liberties". Now more then ever, every vote counts. Bush and his administration of hate and greed must be removed."


More To Promoting Music Then The Internet

While the Internet has become an important tool to promote Independent Music (thanks Payola) there is more to promoting a band then exchanging links and offering your music as free downloads to anyone that will take them. There is a flood of "online" promotional services who charge to have a bands website link placed on numerous link exchanges. This is a valuable service for those bands that are interested in higher search ranking, however MusiciansPromote sends the band information and music directly to the industry.

MusiciansPromote offers E-Releases with band photo, 3 listen links or streaming radio by BandJams.Com members, band news, and "sounds like" reference so the receiver of a band's E-Releases can recognize the genre and style of the bands submission immediately. Every artist using MusiciansPromote E-Release service receives detailed reports after 30-days of distribution showing who received their E-Release. An E-Release is much more effective and in most cases much more affordable then promotional services who Spam band URL's over the Internet.

MusiciansPromote currently has an established database of over 5000 media contacts within the music industry that have chosen to receive E-Releases through MusiciansPromote.Com. All E-Releases are targeted to our industry members by band genre and relevancy to the specific media outlet. By targeting E-Releases it is more likely the receivers will take the time to read its content, and ensure that our industry members do not "opt-out" due to irrelevant content being received.


Dorgan Applauds Senate Vote On Concentration Of Broadcast Ownership

U.S. Senator Byron Dorgan applauded Tuesday's action by the U.S. Senate to limit the concentration of media ownership. The Senate approved, by unanimous consent, Dorgan's amendment which would reverse Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules approved last June which would have cleared the way for even greater concentration of media ownership.

"Last June, the FCC performed one of the most complete cave-ins to corporate interests against the public interest in the history of the country," Dorgan said. "The Senate, to its credit, has taken a series of strong, bipartisan actions to roll back the FCC rules. Today the Senate expressed itself again, in the strongest possible terms, saying that it wants the FCC's cave-in reversed and wants it reversed now."

"When the number of people and corporations who control what 293 million Americans see and hear in the media shrinks to just a relative handful, democracy suffers," Dorgan said. "It is clear that as media ownership is more and more removed from local communities, those owners become more removed and less in touch with local community standards. Increasing levels of indecency is the result."


Protest Of A Music Ban On Hip Hop And Foreign Music

John O'Day-CEO of WCH Radio and Next Step Promotions, has come out in support of an effort to stop the ban on Hip Hop and foreign music in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It was announced this month that the Committee of Censorship has censored all Congolese rap groups and foreign music, a decision taken by the Attorney General of the Republic. This censorship led to the arrest of the program director of a private television chain, for broadcasting Hip Hop and foreign clips.

O'Day is asking that everyone interested in joining him protesting this move sign the petition that can be found on the website.


Provided by the MusicDish Network. Copyright © Tag It 2004 - Republished with Permission