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 11 July, 2008


  • POWER PLUCKING: A Rocker's Guide to Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar... AVAILABLE NOW!!
  • AMAZING! I actually FINISHED recording!!
  • My SONGWRITING (instructional) VIDEOS!!
  • New ”Fave Five“ INTERVIEW at GUITARHOO.COM site!!
  • Recent INTERVIEW in Musician's Institute Newsletter!!
  • My Wife and I as LATIN JAZZ DUO!!
  • INTIMATE AUDIO passes the TWO MILLION PAGE VIEWS milestone!!

POWER PLUCKING: A Rocker's Guide to Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar... AVAILABLE NOW!!!! I had a TON of fun coming up with the stuff in this acoustic fingerstyle book!! It's an 80-page BEAST, with 30 minutes' worth of stuff on the included CD--waaaaay over 100 different examples! So what exactly is IN the book?? Read below--and thanks for checking this out :-)

(The links below go to the book's page on AMAZON)


If you're a rock player and the world of acoustic fingerstyle has always seemed foreign and hard to grasp, have no fear. POWER PLUCKING teaches the technique from a purely pop-rock standpoint. You won't waste your time here learning classical pieces you don't want to know. This book concentrates on the type of riffs you've heard from all your favorite artists, including Jimmy Page, James Taylor, Elliott Smith, John Frusciante, Eric Clapton, Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake, etc. You'll also learn piano style accompaniment, modern arpeggio techniques, singer-songwriter Travis picking/folk approaches, open chord ornamentation, pedal point, percussive effects, capo concepts, hybrid picking, and a mass of "modern" sounding acoustic voicings. You've never felt this comfortable treading new ground!

FYI, some SOUND SAMPLES can be found on the MY SPACE page I created for this book:

 AMAZING! I actually FINISHED recording!!

(I'm talking about a personal home recording project that's been going on for eons....)

Of course, now I'm gonna go over everything with a fine-toothed comb, then *try* to mix this beast myself (I will take it to an actual Mastering Engineer though), but NO MORE TRACKING (recording the numerous instruments I've been slowly tacking on to this 12-song project since December 2005). Yay!!! I actually feel like there's light at the end of the tunnel :-)

Wondering why'd it take since December 2005 to track a 12-song recording? (Besides "life happens" and the fact that--on average--I could only record/edit this stuff about two days a week.) Probably 'cause I do everything backwards?? I don't know, but feel free to read on, if you're itching for an explanation ;-)

Basically, I "finished" composing 16-17 songs for this project in December 2005--meaning, musically they were "done" as a standalone thing (core acoustic guitar part and vocal melody only, aka "the music"). That, of course, meant no orchestration/arrangement nailed down; I intended to decorate all these with me playing everything--electric guitars, bass, piano, real acoustic drums, mandolin, accordian, and TONS of vocals. Of course, I had ZERO LYRICS at this point... So, I started by recording what I had: The acoustic guitars, right after Christmas in 2005.

Oh yeah, did I mention that I was going to play real acoustic drums on this stuff? That idea didn't slow down my progress, OR ANYTHING (sarcasm x 1,000,000)! Between the moments I could spare from regular work (like anybody else), while practicing drums any time I could (my classrooms at Musician's Institute have drum kits in them; I'd arrive early to work and practice a bit), I started adding parts an instrument at a time--electric bass, then piano, then electric guitars, as the core "other" instrumentation for most of these 16-17 songs. Once I had those parts recorded, and had practiced drums enough to where I could create parts I was pleased with (obviously I didn't want face the situation of SUPER LAME drumming destroying my tunes--and this took tons of time to pull together), I started laying down my drum ideas, recording them in my living room at weird hours (right after Christmas, now in 2006). I forget how long it took to figure out *how* to actually record them... I'll post pix and videos of that hilarity soon though!

That takes us up to 2007.... You may recall I had composed these songs so that they existed in purely musical form first, with ZERO lyrics? So... off I go on a lyric-writing rampage. Since I was always a "music first, text second" kind of guy (my vocal melodies consisted only of vowel/consonant sounds, sung in the desired pitch and rhythm), this took a while to get a groove going. Maybe someday I’ll write up a blogski on the process I experimented with to get some lyric momentum (possibly useful for others who write music first, lyrics last). Anyways, I cranked 'em out over the next few months, slow boil-style (I just decided to 100% finish lyrics for 12 of the songs).... Once I could live with them, I started laying the vocal madness down, in addition to a ton of secondary vocal parts and other background vox lines/things, finally blasting the last yodeling bits into my computer earlier this week (now 2008). Various flu/ailment/viral weirdnesses did their damnedest to derail this vocal extravaganza along the way, but HA! I win. Every time I got sick, I just recorded other stuff--mandolin, accordian, whatever else was left. DONE!

As for what it all sounds like, "style" wise... I guess, to my ears, it's somewhere along the "adventurous-yet-acccessible" lines of Jon Brion's MEANINGLESS, Chris Cornell's first solo album EUPHORIA MORNING, fragments of Jimmy Gnecco's band Ours (DISTORTED LULLABIES), with a little Radiohead flavor (minus the electronic elements). You know: Acoustic-derived rock with some twists and turns--keep 'em guessing chord changes, eclectic vocals, and interesting/dynamic rhythm section interplay :-) Add to that, some Jeff Buckley and Elliott Smith homage action, heavy Brian Wilson worship, droplets of Bobby McFerrin and Mike Patton flavor, billions of acoustic and electric guitar influences, my fascination with certain composers (Chopin, Stravinsky, Bartok, Miles), plus general weirdness, and you're in the ballpark, I reckon? Intensity level/mood-wise, it's maybe 35% medium mellow, 10% ferocious, 15% funny, 10% sad, 10% pretty, 20% "trippy." I do suck at math though, so who knows?

So now what? I'm just gonna pore over the tracks to make sure there are no stray things that make me want to vomit and/or not play this stuff for anyone ;-) Then, I'll commence mixing madness, once it's ripe. Should be just a couple more months of fun!!! I REALLY look forward to finishing this, and playing these songs (along with some others) wherever the heck I can for the next two years or more, in attempt to spread the disease, lol!!! I've been outta the "playing live" game for waaaaaaay too long--no "live" nothing since 2004!!! Waaaaaaah!

Thanks for reading :-) Your curiosity *is* appreciated!

 Check out my SONGWRITING (instructional) VIDEOS!!

These little videos, of course, are only detailing TWO of the zillion ways to get a "song" up and running, but hopefully someone gleans something out of them:

In part 1 of this 2 part series, I show how to spice up a basic chord progression with Secondary Dominants, Modal Interchange, and different chord inversions.

Metamorphosis of a I (C) – IV (F) – V (G) progression in C:

01. C – G – C – F – F – C – G – C
02. C – G7 – C – F – F – C – G7 – C
03. C – G7 – C7 – F – F – C – G7 – C
04. C – G7 – C7 – F – Fm – C – G7 – C
05. C – G/B – C7/Bb – F/A – Fm/Ab – C/G – G – C

In Part 2 of this Video Series, I demonstrate how familiarity with different artists' playing styles (James Taylor, Chet Atkins, Elliott Smith, Jeff Buckley, Paul McCartney, John Frusciante, Jimi Hendrix, and more) can shape a progression (the chord sequence from Part 1: C – G/B – C7/Bb – F/A – Fm/Ab – C/G – G – C) into something that has an actual vibe, useable for the basis of a real song.

(The point is, try using the inspiration of your own guitar heroes to get beyond "the chords" and personalize their sound by varying voicings and right/left-hand approaches.) Enjoy!!!!!

(PS: Each one is under ten minutes long. And the 2nd one has more actual "playing.")

 New ”Fave Five“ INTERVIEW at GUITARHOO.COM site!!!!!

Musicians review their Top 5 Favorite records and more at! Check out mine!!

 Recent INTERVIEW in Musician's Institute Newsletter!!

In this one-page interview/story in Musician's Institute's Newsletter I discuss musical literacy, songwriting, and other things of interest to guitar players and music students, in general:


 My Wife and I as LATIN JAZZ DUO!!

Please check us out!!!!!!! And drink some maragaritas while you're at it!!! ;-)

"No More Blues"



WOW!!! Well, six-and-a-half years into this site's existence, we just passed two million page views. Not bad, especially given how many updates I have NOT done since 2004--d'oh!!! Believe me though, this place will be DRAMATICALLY revamped by mid 2008. Please stay tuned!!!! And THANKS for visiting :-)

In case you haven't noticed from an earlier news posting, this site's updates (and all personal communications) are currently being managed through the following URL (really, as of March 2005):

So please add me!!! Other than that, the actual guitar-related content of this site (where you are now) will remain intact—so please surf around and enjoy!! There is a TON of stuff here, all 100% free, of course...

Meanwhile, please check out MY FIRST SOLO ALBUM ;-)


Well, that's it for now... Thanks for taking the time to surf back into these here parts! Rest assured, more Intimate Audio offerings will emerge before the year is out... we got more stuff coming 'round the corner soon, so please stay tuned!!

Take care,
Dale Turner


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October 5, 2004 Edition

* Nationwide Search For Musical Performers Who Are Owed Royalties
* Psychedelic Pop Phenomenon Releases New CD
* House Approves Copyright Legislation
* George Thorogood And The Destroyers - 30th Anniversary Tour
* Warner/Chappell Music Names John Reston VP, Global Administration
* Susan Barth Performance At The Gig - Takes Us On A Tour Of "Wonderland"
* Larry Mattera Promoted To Snr. VP, New Media, Island Def Jam Music Group
* U.S. Announces Major New Initiative To Fight Global Trade In Fakes
* IFPI Releases World Recorded Music Sales Figures
* Michigan Attorney General Begins CD Distribution
* Ward Leaves VEG Post, Remains As NARM Chair
* TMBG LLaunch First Artist Operated Download Site
* Ohio Musician Offers Florida Relief With Funds From New Live CD

SoundExchange: Digital Rights Organization Announces Nationwide Search For Musical Performers Who Are Owed Royalties

SoundExchange, the first performance rights organization designated by the U.S. government to collect royalties on behalf of recording artists and record labels, is conducting a nationwide search for featured recording artists in order to disburse royalties owed. For the first time, performers stand to gain from non-interactive digital airplay‹satellite radio, Internet radio and cable/direct TV radio‹in the United States. If artists or their heirs do not come forward and register with SoundExchange by December 31, 2004, they will lose their share of the first royalties collected during the newly established organizations first distribution cycle- between 1996 and 2000.

Unlike ASCAP, BMI or SESAC, SoundExchange is the first institution to pay the actual featured performers for the public performance of sound recordings on which they appear, rather than songwriters, including many recording artists who have previously not been compensated. SoundExchange has already paid out almost $16 million covering over 200 million digital plays for approximately 6,000 members since its establishment in 2000. Based in Washington, D.C., SoundExchange is a nonprofit organization governed by a board of artist and label representatives.

Among the 38,000 artists who have not yet claimed their funds are such diverse acts as The Shangri-Las (1960's girl group who sang the hit "Leader of the Pack"), Black Sheep (1990's rap duo best know for "The Choice is Yours") and The Count Five (garage rock band who influenced many with "Psychotic Reaction").


Psychedelic Pop Phenomenon Releases New CD

Ella Blame, a Psychedelic Pop, Psychedelic Dance and Ethereal/Ambient duo has released its debut CD "Ella Blame - Ineffable Desire" on September 22. Described as 'the best of Bjork and Kate Bush mixed with Cleo Laine', singer Ella Blame has a continuous vocal range of four (!) octaves as well as an advanced and complex singing style. "Ella Blame is a strangely hypnotic listen. Vocals are soothing, and the composition is enticing. A kind of Fiona Apple type sound, but better, check it out!", writes.

Ella Blame comes from a family of musicians - classic and jazz. Each and every day during her childhood and youth, Ella heard music almost around the clock: symphonic, operatic, chamber and twelve-tone music, jazz of all styles, R&B, soul, funk, rock and pop. With a sonic childhood as eclectic as that, Ella has found several talented composers and musicians with whom she has produced around 60 songs of genres Progressive Dance, Psychedelic Dance, Ethereal/Ambient and Extraterrestrial. In late 2002, Ella has formed the "Ella Blame" duo with highly gifted composer and multi-instrumentalist, Michael D. Temple from the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, area.

With her vocal cords, Ella can produce sounds that most music experts consider having been generated by a synthesizer or by post-processing equipment. However, Ella can produce these "strange" sounds without using a microphone. "Ella Blame is ahead of her time. She's also ahead in the production dept. ... Blame's vocals are what you notice most. She's a mezzo-soprano who leaps the bounds of baritone, tenor, alto and soprano," MusicDish. com writes.


House Approves Copyright Legislation

The House today by voice vote approved legislation bolstering intellectual property protection. H.R. 3632, renamed the "Intellectual Property Protection and Courts Improvements Act of 2004," incorporates the originally introduced H.R. 3632, H.R. 3754, H.R. 112, and H.R. 4646.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman F. James Sensenbrenner, Jr. (R-Wis.), stated, "Efforts to ensure that consumers are able to know whether they are buying legitimate software, music, movies, and other forms of intellectual property are being subverted by those who counterfeit authentication labels and steal legitimate ones. These counterfeited and illicit labels are then attached to counterfeit products defrauding consumers into thinking that they have purchased a legitimate copy of the product, when they have not. The middleman who traffics in illicit and counterfeit labels can walk away from his crime with no penalties. H.R. 3632 would close this loophole and ensure that everyone who undertakes a scheme to defraud consumers faces criminal penalties."

"In addition, this legislation provides for additional penalties for those who use false domain name contact information to commit crimes. As Internet-based crimes continue to increase in number, updated laws are needed to stop this growth," continued Chairman Sensenbrenner.


George Thorogood And The Destroyers - 30th Anniversary Tour - Live In Europe

Eagle Rock Entertainment is pleased to celebrate 30 years of high octane, hard rocking blues with the release of George Thorogood And The Destroyers- 30th Anniversary Tour; Live In Europe on DVD October 19, 2004. The performance will also be available separately in the CD format on the same date.

Recorded during the British leg of their European Tour in 2003, 30th Anniversary Tour; Live In Europe shows blues-rock guitarist Thorogood showcasing tracks from his recent 'Ride 'Till I Die' (Eagle Records 2003) album together with favorites such as 'One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer,' 'I Drink Alone,' 'Bad To The Bone,' 'Who Do You Love' and many more. Concert footage is interspersed with behind the scenes footage and interviews and bonus features include the promo film American Made as well as acoustic versions of 'Ride 'Till I Die' and 'Merry Christmas Baby.'

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Elmore James, Hound Dog Taylor and Chuck Berry, George Thorogood never earned much respect from blues purists, but his popularity couldn't be denied in the early 80's. Thorogood's simple and direct approach to the blues allowed him to open for his idols like Howlin' Wolf and Muddy Waters early in his career. Taking riffs straight from 50's Chicago blues and adding volume and intensity, George's approach eventually led to larger audiences and repeated Gold records.


Warner/Chappell Music Names John Reston VP, Global Administration

Warner/Chappell Music, Warner Music Group's award winning music publishing company, today announced the appointment of John Reston as Vice President, Global Administration. Reston, who will be based in London and will report to Nick Thomas, Senior Vice President & CFO, had previously worked for Universal Music Publishing and its predecessor company, MCA Music Publishing in a variety of senior administrative roles in Latin America, Asia Pacific and Europe.

Commenting on the appointment, Thomas said, "We have recently finished upgrades in technology as well as the deployment of our industry-leading rights management software and are now structured better than ever to protect and exploit our copyrights on a worldwide basis. John has invaluable global experience and will, I believe, maximize the benefits of these state-of-the-art tools as well as aggressively manage our continuing mission to be the best global administrators of music publishing rights."


Susan Barth Performance At The Gig - Takes Us On A Tour Of "Wonderland"

Singer/Songwriter Susan Barth kicks off the evening of Saturday, November 6th, with a set at The Gig, 8 PM. Featuring songs from her recently released CD "Wonderland", Susan will be backed by her regular players including Jinsoo Lim (lead guitar); Bill Cody (bass); Dan Carlson (guitar); Matt Starr (drums); Emma Barton (harmonies).... and she happily welcomes Guest Artists, Barrie Berg (percussion), Adrienne Woods (cello), Beth Thornley (accordian) and Terry Spears (keyboards).

Susan will take the chill off the night with her colorful voice and cleverly crafted songs; songs comprised of an intelligent blend of modern sounds and sixties sensibilities. Her material has appeared on the WB's SMALLVILLE and TARZAN; she's had spins on KLOS, NPR's ALL THINGS CONSIDERED as well as on College Radio;and she has won 4 ASCAP Songwriting Merit Awards. She was recently named "Artist of the Week" and "Best of the Batch on" and was the "Track of the Day" on

The Gig is located at 7302 Melrose Avenue; 323 936-4440. 


Larry Mattera Promoted To Snr. VP, New Media, Island Def Jam Music Group

Larry Mattera has been promoted to Senior Vice President, New Media, Island Def Jam Music Group, it was announced today by Steve Bartels, president, Island Records.

In his new post, Mr. Mattera will be responsible for all aspects of IDJ's new media strategy including: content development, online marketing, digital commerce, wireless initiatives, and the use of new technologies to maximize sales and break new artists. Mr. Mattera, who is based in New York, will report directly to Mr. Bartels.

Mr. Mattera has served as Vice President, New Media, Island Def Jam Music Group, since January 1999, when he created and established the department. Since then, he has been involved in every facet of its business, including development of online marketing strategies, consumer database and reporting systems, direct to consumer marketing campaigns, and management of artist and label web sites. Under his direction, the department also pioneered pre-release strategies for digital commercial singles, developed an online demo submission site for unsigned artists, and negotiated various cost-saving and incremental income agreements.


U.S. Announces Major New Initiative To Fight Global Trade In Fakes

U.S. Trade Representative Robert B. Zoellick joined colleagues from the Departments of Commerce, Justice, and Homeland Security today to announce a major new government-wide initiative, the Strategy Targeting Organized Piracy (STOP!), to fight billions dollars in global trade in pirated and counterfeit goods that cheat American innovators and manufacturers, hurt the U.S. economy and endanger consumers worldwide.

"Trade in fake goods is growing, cheating American innovators and producers out of billions of dollars and threatening consumers all over the world with low quality and often unsafe products. This problem crosses many different jurisdictions, laws and countries, and the STOP initiative provides a coordinated and effective answer," said Zoellick. "The message to the IPR pirates and counterfeiters is simple - we will do everything we can to make their life miserable. We will stop their products at our border; we will name and shame your company; we will ratchet up the penalties; and we will coordinate with our trading partners to prevent third-country trafficking."

From familiar products such as CDs and DVDs to clothing, brake pads and even automobiles, trade in fakes has been growing not only with the United States but also between other countries, thereby escaping the reach of U.S. law enforcement efforts. STOP! is broad in scope and brings a new approach, new tools and new pressure to bear through a coordinated effort from the federal government, the private sector and America's international trading partners. The STOP! initiative is the culmination of efforts over the last year to build on the Administration's successful efforts to combat piracy and counterfeiting around the world.


IFPI Releases World Recorded Music Sales Figures For First Half Of 2004

Global sales of recorded music - audio and music video - grew by 1.7% in units and fell 1.3% in value in the first half of 2004, compared to the same period in 2003.

Audio sales fell by 2.7% in value, while the music video sector grew by 20.2% driven by DVD music video, which increased by 26.6%.

Interim sales of all audio and music video formats totalled $US13.9 billion, compared to $US14.1 billion in 2003.

The figures reflect a slowing of the rate of decline in music sales of the past four years. This is the best first-half year result achieved since 2000.

Sales in regional and individual territories varied widely, with the effects of unauthorised file-sharing on the internet and commercial piracy, among other factors, still affecting many of the world's markets.

The US music market is leading the recovery, while markets such as Canada, Germany and Japan are showing a substantial reduction in their rate of decline. But other markets including Spain, Italy and the Netherlands are still weak, and more recent reversals have hit sales in France and Australia.

Two bright spots are DVD music video, which continues to show strong growth and has helped offset the decline in audio formats. Meanwhile, the growth of legitimate digital music downloads which suggests a strong future for the online music market. These are not currently included in official industry figures.


Michigan Attorney General Begins CD Distribution

Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox announced today the distribution of more than 180,000 music CDs to statewide public schools, libraries, domestic violence shelters, and a local early childhood development charity, Partnership for Learning. The CDs were awarded to Michigan as part of a national antitrust settlement involving several music distributors and retailers. The CDs are valued at more than $2 million. Michigan was one of 45 states that were awarded CDs to distribute to state residents via governmental and charitable organizations.

"I am glad that my office can bring the gift of music directly to so many consumers across this state," Cox said. "All segments of Michigan's population, from infants to the elderly, will benefit from this distribution."

In 2003, Cox and 45 other state Attorneys General settled a national antitrust lawsuit brought against several music distributors and retailers for conspiring to fix CD prices. The $143 million settlement included refunds for consumers as well as actual CDs for states to give to those affected by the alleged price fixing. Cox requested that Michigan's portion of the settlement be distributed to non-profit groups, public schools, libraries, and the US military. The US military received their 11,000 music CDs earlier this summer. This distribution will be of 181,009 CDs to a total of 87 recipient groups. The value of the distribution is $2,455,778.16.


Ward Leaves VEG Post, Remains As NARM Chair

2004-2005 NARM Board Chairman Glen Ward left his position as President and CEO of Virgin Entertainment Group, effective Friday, September 17.

"During a conference call today, the NARM Board affirmed its strong support for Ward to remain as the Association's Chairman," said Acting President Jim Donio. "Glen has already contributed so much to the organization, and we are looking forward to continuing our work with him and focusing on the goals we've established."

"Obviously I am disappointed to be leaving such a great company as Virgin and the incredible team that I have been so privileged to work with," Ward stated. "That said, I leave with the comforting thought that during my six years in North America‹the last four as President and CEO of the company‹we implemented some revolutionary initiatives. These have benefited not only the company but also the retail and entertainment community as a whole. It is my intention to seek out a new challenge in this industry that I am so passionate about, and in the meantime to focus my attention on continuing to fulfill my duties as this year's Chairman of NARM."


TMBG LLaunch First Artist Operated Download Site

In a move currently uncharted in the electronic downloading game, Brooklyn alt. rock legends They Might Be Giants have created their own artist owned and operated downloading site. offers 99 cent downloads, and exclusive bundles of TMBG albums prorated for $10, along with exclusive songs only available online. TMBG enjoy a unique spot as one of the most downloaded bands online, often popping into top ten download lists on Soundscan thanks to heavy traffic through iTunes and other corporate download sites.

In another move breaking away from industry practice, TMBG's MP3s are free of encoding gimmicks and electronic watermarks. They can be transferred from computer to computer effortlessly. The MP3s on the TMBG download site are mastered in extraordinary fidelity (far superior to even last year's technology).


Ohio Musician Returns To Florida And Teams With The Red Cross To Offer Relief With Funds From New Live CD

A veteran solo acoustic entertainer from northern Ohio is returning to Florida for his second winter season this October, bringing relief from the recent hurricane disasters there by contributing music to generate funds for hurricane disaster relief. Paul Rader, who performs at Bear Bottom Beach Club in Key West every year, is donating five hundred ($500) dollars cash and fifty percent (50%) of the profits of his latest CD, Land of the Cover Band Live - Vol. I, to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. For the remainder of 2004 Rader will make weekly contributions to the fund that a RedCross source says is already "strapped for cash."

The Red Cross estimates damages in excess of $63 million dollars but that does not include potential costs of Hurricane Ivan making landfall. So far, they have only been able to raise $35 million dollars to help families effected by the storms. When you look at the staggering numbers, it would take to return everybody's life back to normal, it seems completely overwhelming. "What I'm offering seems insignificant by comparison but I'm hoping that it will inspire other independent performers to do the same," says Rader.


Provided by the MusicDish Network. Copyright © Tag It 2004 - Republished with Permission