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Thanks for visiting INTIMATE AUDIO, a site hosted by DALE TURNER

A rock singer-songwriter and acoustic/electric multi-instrumentalist, on his latest CD, MANNERISMS MAGNIFIED, Dale Turner composed, arranged, produced, and recorded all the music himself, and played all the instruments
(voices, guitar, bass, real acoustic drums, piano, accordion, and mandolin). GUITAR PLAYER MAGAZINE calls it: "Smart pop tunes that are crammed with interesting guitar parts and tones ... Like what the Beach Boys might do if they were on an acid trip that was on the verge of getting out of control. Yeah!"

In addition to being a performing/recording musician and producing engineer, Dale is an instructor at Hollywood's MUSICIANS INSTITUTE, and the author of 50+ instructional books and transcription folios (his latest being Power Plucking - A Rocker's Guide to Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitar). He writes a monthly acoustic guitar column for GUITAR WORLD magazine, and is featured in their "Lick of the Day" app for iPhone/iPad. He is also the former West Coast Editor (1996-2007) of the now defunct GUITAR ONE magazine, and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Studio/Jazz Guitar Performance from the University of Southern California.

NEW MUSIC for 2016! Please earball Dale Turner's FILM MUSIC SAMPLER - 10 Cues in 10 Minutes! (mostly thematic material) via the SoundCloud player above!

And/or enjoy this breakdown/analysis of a variety of "other" FILM-ORIENTED musical pieces, below:

"THE HOMECOMING" (0:36) - Intimate, sensitive, thematic solo piano piece

"SUNKEN SUNRISE" (1:00) - Ambient/ethereal/atmospheric piano theme of wonderment/longing

"ANGULAR AESTHETICS" (1:18) - Quirky, pizzicato strings cue w/bassoon melody, supported by clarinets/flutes; also features portamento violins (Fantasy/Main Title)

"WISHING WELL" (0:44) - Ukulele w/flutes, marimba, snare drum, string bass & glockenspiel (End Title)

"NIGHT SPEEDER" (1:45) - Intense, night-time car chase (being hunted) music (Action, Suspense)

"SADDLE UP" (1:47) - Laid-back, wild West "prairie riding" cowboy song w/harmonica, acoustic guitar, banjo, misc. "bell" percussion, accordion, jaw harp, and strings (Western)

"BRIAN ON THE BRAIN" (0:56) - Dark/mysterious/eerie a cappella vocal quartet à la "avant-garde" Beach Boys/Brian Wilson

"DELICATE DESPONDENCE" (1:22) - Sad, slow, evocative piece w/Dulcitone, harp, celesta, glockenspiel, and low string pads

"SNOOPER DUPER" (0:36) - Oddball underscore w/minimalist "retro" organ melody, staccato piano, snare drum improvisation and thumping bass drum; detective "snooping around" in the dark (Crime Drama, Comedy)

"ROBOT BOOGIE" (0:20) - Upbeat, "robot dance" groove with fun, quirky melody (Comedy)

"ACOUS. GTR. No. 1" (0:10) - Solo acoustic guitar (steel-string) bumper/cue

"ACOUS. GTR. No. 2" (0:12) - Solo acoustic guitar (steel-string) bumper/cue

"ACOUS. GTR. No. 3" (0:10) - Solo acoustic guitar (steel-string) bumper/cue

"ACOUS. GTR. No. 4" (0:11) - Solo acoustic guitar (steel-string) bumper/cue

"INDUSTRIAL WASTELAND" (1:05) - Post-apocalyptic landscape dirge (Futuristic Thriller)

"SINISTER RISING" (1:33) - Tension-building underscore w/dissonant strings, muted trumpets, harp, celesta, timpani, and more (Suspense, Psychological Thriller, Horror)

"MOURNFUL STRINGS" (1:32) - Somber underscore piece (mock-up) for 14-12-10-8-6 string orchestra (Epic, Drama)

"MINUET FOR SIX APPENDAGES" (1:21) - Mock-up of Minuet in F for string trio (Period Piece)

"THE VOID" (1:31) - Modern jazz in 3/4 with tonally-evasive minor-key melody played by elec. gtr. & sax (live excerpt)

"PUMPKIN PATCH" (1:15) - Modern jazz march with jagged/intricate elec. gtr. & sax melody (live excerpt)

MANNERISMS MAGNIFIED SAMPLER (6:26) - Crossfaded clips of 12 songs from Dale Turner's recent solo album, Mannerisms Magnified

All works composed, *performed, arranged, mixed, and *mastered by Dale Turner © 2016 Close to the Bone (ASCAP)

*"Brian on the Brain" mastered by Eddy Schreyer. "The Void" and "Pumpkin Patch" are live recordings featuring Dale Turner (guitar), Alex Kimmell (drums), Sharon Hirata (saxophone), Joshua Levy (piano), Eric "Bobo" Correa (percussion), and Steve Biondi (bass)

Film music inspirations: Bernard Herrmann, Danny Elfman, Alexandre Desplat, Ennio Morricone, Hans Zimmer, Thomas Newman, Jon Brion, Jonny Greenwood, Jerry Goldsmith, Trent Reznor, Randy Newman, Philip Glass, Ry Cooder...

CONTACT Dale Turner, to help fulfill your unusual/quirky, dark/mysterious/suspenseful, eclectic, sensitive film project's emotional/dramatic needs.

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