The Aftermath

A Tribute to the Innocent Lives Lost
on September 11, 2001



Like most people on this planet, the events that occurred on September 11, 2001 left me with great feelings of sadness, fear, sickness, and anger. Like most musicians on this planet, I turned to the soothing sounds of an instrument to calm my nerves. As I watched that day’s events unfold on the TV screen, a somewhat disturbing (yet hopeful?) arrangement of chords began to fall into place. This was the impetus for a song I’d soon choose to call:

I recorded the core acoustic guitar part (MP3) of “The Aftermath” into my computer on the evening of September 13th, then fleshed out the backing tracks (MP3) as they exist now on September 15th. The lyrics were written on September 16th, while watching CNN. That evening, the entire song was completed, then converted to MP3 format.

Since also functions as somewhat of a “guitar/music education” site, I’ve taken the liberty of:

  • Writing out a chord chart that corresponds to the acoustic guitar passage that gave birth to this song.
  • Adding an alternate mix, which features only backing vox, marimba, piano, and acoustic guitars (i.e., excludes primary “spoken” vocal, two electric gtrs., distorted bass, detuned kick drum and ride cymbal).

Lyrically speaking, you might feel this song isn’t particularly uplifting. Be that as it may, I did try to instill a glimmer of hope. Because I am hopeful. I’m also a realist though, and I do not see the United States of America taking this lying down.

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(Features: Spoken primary vocal, two acoustic gtrs., marimba, piano, backing vox, two electric gtrs., distorted bass, detuned kick drum and ride cymbal)



The Aftermath

Horror came ashore to settle a score
All planes four, an act of war
In the early hours, a city's twin towers
Showering the pavement below with charcoal snow
Five thousand plus lost in the dust
This knife in our backs, you thrust
Our lust for life, nearly lost overnight

Sisters, brothers, fathers, mothers
Families forever fractured
You fucking bastards
The others that perished will always be cherished
Their stories will be re-told as we grow old

But in the face of scum rose more than some who refused to run
With a clenched fist, they resist
New York's finest—from George Howard to “Father Mike”
Fighting the flames in the name of those slain
Burnett and Glick reclaimed an airship
Directed their flight into the wooded thick

“Two eyes for an eye” will be the likely cry
And many more will surely die
But what'd you expect, heartless insect
Burying innocents where they lie?

The free world's at a crossroads
Facing evil, far and wide
So pick a side
Or run and hide
Change the course of this poisoned tide

Dale Turner (2001)
All Rights Reserved



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(w/background vox, marimba, piano, and acoustic gtrs. only)