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Blazing Bluesy Pentatonic Pattern

Since I'm a fan of “giving credit where credit is due,” I'll admit that this lick is nicked from/inspired by a pentatonic move blues beast Stevie Ray Vaughan unloads when he's doing a position shift within the minor pentatonic scale, connecting the “Albert King Blues Box” (e.g., the top three strings of E minor pentatonic shape in 15th pos.) to the standard “root position” pentatonic shape (e.g., across the 12th fret in E minor pentatonic). The part that's pretty much “nicked” is the first two beats worth of the phrase below (specifically the slide move that occurs along the 2nd string); I simply stretched the phrase into a longer line by repeatedly restating it verbatim in the next lower octave as it descends—an easy way to get linear mileage out of a speedy burst of notes.

I reckon this lick is “spew worthy” in a burning blues, or fiercely rockin' number; it just depends on what tone and picking inflections you're using. With that in mind, I've recorded two versions of the exact same lick, played at the same tempo: one with a distorted tone, played with a heavy pick attack (with the occasional “semi-harm”), and another played fingerstyle [using thumb (or “p,” usually in place of a picked downstroke) and index finger (or “i,” in place of a picked upstroke) “claw pickin'” style) with a bluesy, semi-clean tone.

Also, in your own improvisational efforts, when whipping through this line, feel free to stop along the way and milk certain notes to break up the monotony of the pattern and create a more musical lead statement.


(*You can hear the ROCK version of this lick FAST by clicking HERE*)

(*You can hear the ROCK version of this lick SLOW by clicking HERE*)


(*You can hear the BLUESY version of this lick FAST by clicking HERE*)

(*You can hear the BLUESY version of this lick SLOW by clicking HERE*)

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