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K. I realize this open-string pull-off lick is kinda “pre-school”, but I used to play this kinda thing lots and figured it was cool enough to toss out there... It's kind of a hybrid between certain things I've heard Joe Satriani and John Petrucci play.

THE NOTES: Basically, this lick involves pitches from the E Dorian scale (E-F#-G-A-B-C#-D), with the occasional inclusion of the note “Bb”—the “flatted fifth,” tossed in for extra spice. Another cool thing? Since the guitar in “standard tuning” is tuned to (low to high) E-A-D-G-B-E, all six open strings fall within the parameters of that scale, meaning you can pull-off to them whenever the spirit moves you!

THE RHYTHM: As for the particular “rhythmic motif” used in this example... After the strict 16th note performance used during beat “one” (i.e., the first four notes), the rhythm used throughout beats “two” and “four” is identical—a four-note hammer-on/pull-off pattern executed along one string, comprised of “16th-32nd-32nd-16th” notes.

THE HAMMER-ONS/PULL-OFFS: It might help to know in advance that each note that's fretted, then pulled off to an open string (throughout the aforementioned rhythmic motif of beats “two” and “four” only), is grabbed using the index finger. Specifically (in measure 1): A (10th fret, 2nd string), G (8th fret, 2nd string), F# (7th fret, 2nd string), C# (6th fret, 3rd string), etc. Don't know what I mean? Read slower then... (Just joshin'!) K. I guess I'll indicate the fingering below the TAB then. Geez...

THE PICKING: With the exception of the opening “B” pickup note, each “picked” note in the following lick is articulated using a downstroke, whereby a slight pick harmonic (i.e., “semi-harm”) is squeaked out.

(*You can hear the lick FAST by clicking HERE*)

(*You can hear the lick SLOW by clicking HERE*)

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