OfFiCiAl AnD UnOfFiCiAl BaNd AnD MuSiCaL ArTiSt SiTeS


BRIAN WILSON—The Official Brian Wilson Web Site.


MILES DAVIS—The Official Miles Davis Web Site.


JEFF BUCKLEY—Official Jeff Buckley website. Get the latest information regarding Jeff Buckley's music and definitive information regarding his life and career, brought to you by the people who knew him best. We plan to continually grow the site and its content, adding more in-depth information, video, audio, and looks at how people celebrate his life and memory, so check back often.


JOHN FRUSCIANTE—Official site of John Frusciante (Red Hot Chili Peppers).


OURS—Official band website with news, tour dates, a tour diary, streaming audio of entire lp and more.


FISHBONE—WELCOME to Fishbone.Net, otherwise known as the house that love built.


RADIOHEAD—Official site includes a message board, pictures and texts from the band members.


MR. BUNGLE—Official site (currently under development).


Bungle Fever—Unofficial Mr. Bungle site featuring news, tour dates, pictures, discography, sound files, links, and more.


King'—The Official Website of Texas Rock Trio King's X.


NINE INCH NAILS' NOTHING RECORDS SITE—Official NIN site at Reznor's Nothing Records' site. Nothing Records was founded by musician trent reznor and his manager john a. malm, jr. in 1992. Nothing's roster features reznor's nine inch nails, marilyn manson, autechre, the bowling green, plaid, plug, pop will eat itself, prick, squarepusher, 12 rounds, and the the.


Bjö—The Official Bjork Website.


Primus Sucks!
Primus—Official site of Primus and Les Claypool.


Primus Live Dot Com
Primus—Your source for high quality soundboard recordings from every Primus show from the epic 2003 Tour de Fromage. An official site.


Ani DiFranco—Official site of Ani DiFranco and Righteous Babe Records.


CHRIS CORNELL—Official site of Chris Cornell (Soundgarden, Audioslave, etc.)


Sweet Adeline—The official Elliott Smith site - by fans.


ELTONFAN—Elton John portal of Hercules International Elton John Fan Club.


BeatleLinks - The Beatles Internet Resource Guide. A comprehensive list of links for Beatle oriented web sites on the internet.





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