Sites Devoted to Artistic Music—Sad Entertainment including music, bands, songs, movies, literature, comics, poems, art, and more. Submit and discuss your sad favories.


Delusions of Adequacy—An online music and entertainment zine, with a focus on indie rock, pop, emo, hardcore, punk and more.


The Big Takeover—Online version of the legendary magazine--frequently compared by underground/alternative music fans to the late, lamented, Trouser Press. Interviews with Lush, Guided By Voices and Cocteau Twins. Reviews, live picks and more.


'Round Magazine'Round Magazine is a visual exploration of the art, lifestyle and design that give special places their flavor.


Los Angeles Music and Nightlife—A guide to Los Angeles, California bars and clubs. Site also serves as a guide to the city of Los Angeles, its arts and culture, travel and tourism, hotels, theater, arts and entertainment, restaurants, dining, music, people.


MusicWeb Express 3000 - CD, Music and Album Review—New and classic music cd reviews, classic rock and pop music features, and musician interviews.





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