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The Big Picture - Dreams Versus Goals
By Ken Klar,

Goal Setting Specifics

The way I see it, you have to set tangible goals. Remember that goals are 1) measurable and 2) specific. With that definition in mind, you can see that "being great" isn't really a goal because it isn't measurable or specific. It's more of a dream or ambition.

So take some time this week to set some goals. Write them down. Then ask yourself: Can I measure this? Is it specific? How will I know when I've achieved what I set out to? I'll give you an example of some goals below.

Within the next twelve months I want to...

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1) Write and produce 3 Pop/R&B songs
2) Create 5 new web pages for 5 fictitious clients to add to my virtual portfolio
3) Make three professional contacts with the music industry that will listen and comment on my material as I create it.

Again, these are just examples... your goals may be completely different. But if they are going to be goals, they have to be as specific as you can get them. The main reason for this is that you want to be able to see at the end of the allotted time frame how you have done.

It is also an excellent idea to apply this to every area in your life as well as your creative goals. Without doing this, you can become very lopsided. Some categories to consider...

* Goals regarding my money, property, and physical possessions include:
* Goals regarding my home, workspace and physical environment include:
* Goals regarding my health, appearance and physical well being include:
* Goals regarding my mental growth and stimulation include:
* Goals regarding my spiritual growth include:
* Goals regarding my time off include:
* Goals regarding my relationship with my parents includes:
* Goals regarding my job as a __________ include:
* In the next year, I plan to complete the following significant projects:

Once you have your annual goals laid out, take some time at the beginning of each month to create monthly goals that will support the annual goals you have previously established. Again, they must be measurable and specific. Here's an example.

Within the next month I want to:

1) Write 1 Pop/R&B song
2) Create 1 New web pages for 1 fictitious clients to add to my virtual portfolio
3) Send out 15 demo packages in order to establish professional contacts with the music industry that will listen and comment on my material as I create it.

Then, you need to break them down further by reviewing your monthly goals at the beginning of each week. Make a list of things to accomplish during the week that will move you closer to your monthly /annual goals.

This is how you begin to establish a pattern of reviewing your weekly goals everyday, you're monthly goals every week and your annual goals every month. This simple activity will greatly increase your focus. Remember that as you begin to visualize your goals taking shape through the accomplishments of the weekly and monthly goals, things may need to be revised.

That's ok. Be flexible! Remember also that if you spread yourself too thin, progress in all the areas you have chosen to develop will slow down. That's ok too...there is no right or wrong with this. Just establish what you want and set some goals that will move you in the right direction and be persistent and patient.

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